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  1. 20-01/02 KDLF T-1 C-130H x2 (MT & unknown) (ANG) KC-10 McGuire (AFRES) EC-130J Middletown (ANG) KC-135 Fairchild x2 KC-135 Kadena KC-135 MacDill KC-135 Sioux City (ANG) C-17 Dover C-17 McChord x2 C-17 McGuire C-17 Charleston x2 C-130J Little Rock C-130J Dyess C-12 Yokota C-146 Duke Field E-3 Tinker U-28 Hurlburt C-5 Dover T-6 Laughlin x2 T-1 Laughlin T-38 T-38 Laughlin F-16 TBD x 4 F-16 JB Andrews F-15C Jacksonville (ANG) F-15C Kingsley Field B-52 Ba
  2. The list is up on MyPers for ANG CY19 O-4 & O-5.
  3. If you look at the list of “Musts” that’s on the doc that JustHanginOut posted, it seems pretty clear 92T’s can’t be eligible. -Must have less than 15 years -Must have more than 4 years total military service -Not be fulfilling a service obligation other than 1) initial (ROTC, Academy, OTS) 2)Promotion 3)PME 4)Transfer of GI bill Put me in check if that seems off.
  4. Audible is linked with Amazon, so that’s what I use.
  5. I’m not sure if this book has been posted on here, looked through and couldn’t find it. Just finished the audiobook and was pretty impressed. Goes into the air war in Vietnam from an F-4 pilots perspective.
  6. Yeah. Currently a nav. I heard through the rumor mill that NGB was getting a lot of flak from units who were waiting over a year with guys chambered to go but we’re waiting on waivers.
  7. Hey guys, rated timeline with an Age waiver here. Just got my dates and figured I'd send this out. FC-1- April 2017 FC-1 Approved- June 2017 (They thought I might need a waiver, didnt) Age/Time in Service Waiver submitted- July 2017 Said Waiver sent to NGB- October 2017 Said Waiver Approved- April 2018 UPT Dates Received- 10 July 2018 UPT Start Date- 1 November 2018 Best of luck to you guys. MH
  8. Has anyone seen much movement in the Age waiver side of the house? Timeline is roughly; March 2017- FC1 FC1 Approved- May 2017 (Had an issue that they had to retest for and resubmit after a month) Package submitted- June 2017 HQ Approved- October 2017 Still sitting at NGB for Age and TFSC Waiver approval.
  9. Welcome to the blue side of the house. Are you now ANG or AFRES? From what I've seen in the ANG is your first drill weekend, or when you show up for in-processing thats normally where guys are sworn in. I cant speak to the AFRES side.
  10. Congrats man! Welcome to the greener pasture.
  11. Sorry to hear. I can't believe it took 7 weeks at SAF. Did you have a guard hiring letter? Reapply in a few months. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  12. 3 years Off Nav: denied 2.5 years off Nav: denied 1.5 years off Retrain to new airframe/6months off Nav: approved
  13. The only one that matters is SAF/PC. I had one package with all recommend approves that got denied, one where AFPC recommend deny and wing recommended approve and it was denied. This past one was approved on all levels and SAF finally listened to AFPC.
  14. In regards to the first endorsement thing, I think mine had the SQ/CC as the first endorsement, then when it was submitted it went straight to the WG/CC (which is lucky because the OG/CC wanted his input, which was to deny). I had to redo the 1288 roughy 10 times because the different people wanted different sigs on the 1st endorsement. You would think sending the guidance out would help but it seems like it just confuses everyone more. Standard.
  15. Xaarman, These were a bunch of different issues I ran into. Leadership said the same stuff back to me when talking about my chances (nav leaving AFSOC). Make sure you have a letter of hire from the guard unit, a solid letter to the board and all your paperwork in line. If you have that good to go then it's just up to the SAF. Follow the PSC Guidance I posted on an earlier one and you should be set. Good stuff happens sometimes.
  16. Duck, What did it get kicked back for? Mine got kicked back from the Palace Chase office to my Base Separations authority for things like adjusting the Req DOS and they needed an email stating that I was deployed and an aircrew member.
  17. I had an ISR that was the region ISR (I was at Hurlburt, she's at Eglin). I also worked with the Recruiter for my gaining unit. Those two worked together to make it happen.
  18. Palace Chase Final Approved yesterday. 12S. Applied 8Aug, tentatively approved 18Oct pending medical clearance, final approved yesterday. I asked for 18MO off retrain to new airframe ADSC, 6mo off Nav ADSC. This was my third PC attempt. Recommended approval by Sq/cc, WG/CC & AFPC.
  19. Hey guys, Wondering what you guys saw in regards to Med paperwork Post Tentative Approval. I'm trying to get the second endorsement of the 1288 signed but the guard wants a flight physical and dental prior to signing. Big this is i'm trying to keep my Req DOS. Thanks MH
  20. Update.... 12S Palace Chase Tentative/conditional Approval as of this morning. It took 3 months and 10 days to go through the wickets. SQ/CC, Wing/CC and Functional all recommended approval, SAF Approved. This was my third PC attempt over a three year timeline.... squeaky wheel gets the grease.. I'll fill in more once I get the second endorsement to those guys and get the Final Approval. PM me if you have questions or need any intel on the process.
  21. Hey guys, Here's that PSD Guide from 27 Jan 16. Seems like the palace chase AFI is the law and this is the playbook. SeparationsProgramPSDGuide-Jan2016.pdf
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