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  1. They can’t make TDART a required obligation. They did change the minimum hours for each GS grade back in Nov. Yes, start GS9 but now 300 hours required for GS11(which most guys/gals should have after UPT/FTU/Seasoning). GS12 at 750. Regardless, I wouldn’t worry about it.
  2. I only included AD in the original post... Guard/Reserve: C-146 Duke Field, FL (AFRC) MQ-9 Hancock Field, NY (ANG) C-130J Little Rock, AR (AFRC) KC-135 Milwaukee, WI (ANG) KC-135 Phoenix, AZ (ANG) KC-135 Niagara Falls, NY (AFRC)
  3. The word was that 16-13 would be the last to drop RPAs, however neither 16-12 nor 16-13 actually dropped any at LX. As to why they were on our drop sheets, we assumed the Flt/CCs were messing with us.
  4. XL 16-13 Active Duty 38s A-10 Davis-Monthan F-15C Kingsley F-15E Seymour Johnson F-22 Tyndall 2 x Saudi Fighters T-1s T-1 FAIP T-6 FAIP KC-10 Travis KC-135 Birmingham KC-135 Mildenhall KC-135 McConnell 2 x C-17 McCord C-17 Charleston Pretty sweet everyone got one of their top choices. *Edit to note that this is the 2nd class in a row where RPAs were on the drop sheet but not assigned… & add A-10 to DM
  5. FWIW my Secret clearance wasn't approved until literally halfway through UPT. I never had an interview, received a phone call or heard a peep about it until one day I checked vMPF and it was there...
  6. A buddy of mine in OTS/UPT earned the rest of his points for O-1E while attending OTS (TFOT/TFIT whatever). I'm not 100% but I think you need the points by commissioning date in order to get it. And I thought it was 4 years + 1 day of AD service i.e. 1461 points? Search for the reg to double check.
  7. SimpleJack


    Stayed in the Niagara Lodge/Inn for several weeks last summer. The main lodging building is newer with decent amenities. TLFs were usually booked up in advance. Had no problems with Wifi. Rooms were good sized with desk, lounge chair and kitchenette had small sink, microwave and mini fridge. The gym on base isn't bad for a small reserve base. I hear they are in the process of building a new one. Plenty of good food in the surrounding areas. Attractions are downtown Buffalo (Canalside), obviously the falls (but the Canadian side) and Toronto isn't a bad drive for a weekend getaway.
  8. Im fairly positive all Guard/Reserve RPA pilots still go to UPT then the URT course for 11Xers.
  9. SimpleJack

    Initial Uniform Issue

    I was in the same situation as you (off the street UPT select) except AFRC. I did not visit my unit prior to going to OTS/AMS/TFOT/TFIT/WhoGivesAShit therefore I had to purchase EVERYTHING out of pocket prior to showing up at Maxwell. I happened to have a large active duty base near my hometown that I was able to buy/order everything and have it all sewn and tailored before hand (which I highly recommend as the wait to have stuff tailored at Maxwell was a complete joke for the other 40% of our class who showed up empty handed). I elected to buy my mess dress brand new, although it's completely up to you whether to buy new, used or rent. So I was out around $2,000 before showing up to Maxwell. On the other hand, the guys/gals that came from their unit usually got plenty of stuff issued to them and only had to buy/rent the mess dress and other required miscellaneous items and out of pocket. Some dudes got the bare enlistment issue items from their units and some got all kinds of extra cool crap: suitcases, embroidered duffel bags, APEX jackets, fleece, extra boots/ABUs/blues etc. Bottom line, whatever you can get from your unit, sweet. If not, nut up and buy the minimum required. While there, you'll be able to stash away some decent coin to cover these expenses... once you start getting paid. After commissioning, and getting back to my unit, they ordered me lots of stuff in prep for UPT: 4 flight suits, extra boots (because I purchased non flight rated Nike's), 2 flight jackets, 3 pairs of gloves, 4 pair long underwear, suitcase, helmet and flight bags, etc. Also, I filed the one time $400 commissioned officer uniform reimbursement (Form1969) with finance. When you get to UPT(Del Rio), you WILL also be issued, 2 flight suits, 2 pairs of gloves, 1 jacket, 1 pair of flight boots, 1 helmet bag and some other stuff. P.S. If you are buying your own stuff for OTS and trying to save money, I have some recommendations on where to cut corners. I would only get 2 sets of ABUs and 1 pair of boots (even consider used). I remember the uniform list recommending 3 pairs of ABUs, an extra pair of boots, APEX jacket, mess dress, extra blues shirts/pants, extra PT gear. For the most part, it's all unnecessary. Also, invest in the Under Armour sage green socks! PM me if you have more specific questions. Good luck… at both of those hell holes!
  10. SimpleJack

    T6 gouge

    Still current Boldface & Ops.pdf Blank Boldface & Ops.pdf Edit: I second HU&W's advice on gouge. Work together and make your own. If you do use gouge, I would only use it if it's as recent as the class or two prior to yours. Even then, be sure to verify the info is accurate and current as material changes often. Also, don't try to game the system and study too far ahead. Just focus on "the next thing that will kill you". If you haven't started Phase 1 yet then you should definitely only worry about the BF/OLs. Initially you'll want to be able to fill out a BF in your sleep. Before long you will need to know better than just filling in the blank. Know it so well that if someone asks you something out of order or backwards you can answer immediately. For example don't just memorize the crosswind limitations as "25, 10, 5, 20, 15, 10, 40", know that if someone asks what the 5kt crosswind limit is, you can recall Icy Runway.
  11. SimpleJack

    Upcoming Boards

    THIS! I agreed whole heartedly. It was pretty much a part time job building my Unit POC spreadsheet. I spent time compiling information from every single guard and reserve unit there is. The endless calling and emailing leads to get in contact with anyone in a squadron that knew something about UPT hiring was a TON of work. But I believe that is just part of the process and anyone who is that serious about EARNING a UPT slot in the AFRC needs to put in the leg work. Hard work and persistence, but it's all worth it. I couldn't post my spreadsheet due to all the personal cell numbers and home emails. Though I wouldn't mind helping someone in a private message that is looking for a POC for those hard to reach units.
  12. What I know: Theres an RPA guardsman in my class at LX who will track T-1s. Their unit is still sending folks though UPT. What I've heard: Most guard units are still sending their RPA Pilots through UPT. Supposedly you can get all the days you want bumming as an drone pilot. As far as an airline guy bypassing any pipeline training, you still skip IFS/IFT if you have a PPL. Though your unit may still chose to send you to Pueblo regardless.
  13. SimpleJack

    Upcoming Boards

    For those who don't know or are unfamiliar with unsponsored AFRC pilot hiring, heres an interesting article. As a non-prior off the street guy, this is how I got picked up. In no way is it an "easy" process but the Reserves definitely has UPT slots up for grabs. http://www.citamn.afrc.af.mil/features/story.asp?id=123448618
  14. SimpleJack


    Did you hear any word about how many applied?
  15. So I have compiled a little bit more information on BOT/AMS. We have heard rumors for years now that they are intending to merge BOT and AMS. With BOT going from 12 to 9 weeks and AMS from 6 to 8 weeks they are just about there. The current in-session AMS class 15-03 is the first to include a mixture of AD, Guard & Reserve OT/OCs. So it will be interesting to see what changes they are making to the syllabus. I am scheduled for AMS 15-04 and have heard others say that their orders show BOT 15-08B. I called and spoke with staff at both the AMS and BOT phone numbers on the Holm site. They confirmed that AMS 15-04 and BOT 15-08B are in fact the same class. Regarding the OTS manual, I was told to read both the 36-2604 and 36-2604 AMS Supplement.