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  1. Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    From what I recall, the VA loan requirements for living in the home only apply when trying to get a second (or later) loan, in that you have to have lived in the previous one for X years as a primary residence in order to get another loan. I could be way off on that but that’s what I remember. Edit: Disregard, saw the other thread, and apparently my memory is as terrible as I remembered.
  2. Short tour info

    Yeah seems like a good option. If there’s anything available that is. Still hoping for one of a couple other options to work out, but getting close to crunch time to need to head things off!
  3. Short tour info

    Thread revival, back to the original subject...anyone know what short tour assignments (ie, not 365’s off the AEF list) are floating around regularly? My functional is looking to see what’s available (I’m hot for a non-vol 365 as soon as FY19 requirements come out), but wondering what folks know is out there. Are all of the Korea remotes to Kunson or are there some at Osan?
  4. I’d say all of those options are about equal. Unfortunately there’s not exactly a demand for E-3 test pilots, but also not for C-21 or T-1. Not to say that you can’t get picked up out of any of those, just that you would be selected based on the rest of your record rather than a specific need. So this is the classic “bloom where you’re planted”, and go for something that you’ll enjoy and don’t look at it as a stepping stone. The AFIT option is 18 months there prior to TPS, followed by another 3-4 months at TPS after graduation to finish your thesis before moving to your first assignment. Not sure what else you want to know.
  5. I’ve never seen anyone get in without a technical degree. I’ve seen several without technical bachelor’s, but had a technical master’s. There’s a fairly wide list of what can be considered technical though.
  6. Promotion and PRF Information

    The board results still have to be approved by SECAF and DepSecDef so it’s still going to take some time.
  7. Test Pilot School - AD vs ANG

    Honestly, the only guard bubba I recall see go through is a current student, and I’ve been here either on staff or attached as an instructor for 3.5 years. That said, if there’s a slot open, there may be less competition for it than on AD, because I’m guessing most guard guys aren’t interested in the commitment. As to airframes after TPS, I’d say it’s about 60-70% go back to your original airframe, for the first assignment at least. It’s all about timing. And that’s across all types of aircraft.
  8. Pectus Excavatum

    I have it and it never came up once in my initial or recurring flight physicals. It was looked at during my initial MEPS physical, noted, and that was that. I've also had several astronaut physicals, and flew high-g aircraft at Test Pilot School. So unless you have physical troubles due to it, don't even think twice about it. (And I'm actually fairly convinced it restricts my lung capacity, affecting my run performance...but I'm not dumb enough to ask the flight doc about it!)
  9. My plan is to be a really good gambler. Primarily poker and sports.
  10. Promotion and PRF Information

    It's not any different, and the strat system sucks now too.
  11. Promotion and PRF Information

    My guess is that the 100% opportunity is for IPZ only. APZ folks are screwed. Or blessed, depending on your perspective.
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    While on the surface that seems like a good idea, the problem is that not all units are created equal. Nor do they have similar sizes. #9/10 in small elite pool might be equivalent to #3/100 in another, but there's no way to quantify that.
  13. Promotion and PRF Information

    There's nothing in the statements that indicate this will continue next year, much less in the future. For any of the "positives" to come out of this for both the upcoming captains as well as the leadership chain, this can't be announced year to year.
  14. RIP Doc

  15. My point was some of the specifics about that position (high responsibility, ability to work from home, salary, etc) more than likely have a direct correlation with his previous positions. I have no doubt that his intangibles also had a direct correlation with him getting those CC positions as well. The point is that the O-3/4 separating today has probably a 5% chance of landing a position similar to what an O-6 is able to land, barring extreme circumstances. Talking management here of course. Again, not taking anything away from what he said, and his details are much appreciated.