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  1. olevelo

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Which is really weird, since the OCP paragraphs allow it! Also, for OCP's, it appears that wings are mandatory, so as the others said, now we have to get more velcro added...but maybe not for A2CU's, since there's separate guidance?! Also disappointing they made blousing required for OCP's. And you can roll the cuffs up (but not sure if OCP's have the same cuffs as A2CU's?). This note was curious: NOTE: After 1 April 2021, the 100% cotton Fire-Retardant OCP will not be used as an alternative for the 50% cotton/50% nylon OCP. The Fire-Retardant OCP is not authorized or intended for wear by all Airmen. Only Airmen in jobs that have occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) requirements for wear of the 100% cotton Fire-Retardant OCP (i.e. deployed Airmen operating in outside the wire mission sets) will be authorized to wear this distinctive uniform/equipment item. So will the Chiefs be after all the rated staff wearing A2CU's instead of OCP's? I'm not buying both dammit... Finally, how about this one?! (Add) A survival vest, body armor, or restraint harness will be worn over the A2CU coat during all flight operations with the coat worn outside the trousers. If none of these can be worn over the coat, the coat will be tucked into the trousers.
  2. That’s what I thought. I seem to remember some scenario where you can keep part of a bonus or other special pay, but I think it was some very special circumstance.
  3. For those that haven’t seen the chatter on the CSO FB page, a new version of the PSDM is coming out tomorrow, expanding eligibility to all uncommitted CSO’s with pre-FY18 commitments; ie all of us old guys, finally! 12M’s included. 20k or 25k per year, up to 9 years, 50% up front. There’s some expanded pilot stuff too, but who cares about that. Scenario question: say a late rated guy has the option of 9 years, which would take him to 25 years TFCSD (or whatever it’s called), which is under the 24 YAS limit for the bonus, but then gets twice passed over, limiting him to 24 years due to HYT...do they have to pay back the year of bonus, or do they get it anyway because they committed to it but the AF said nah, never mind? Also assume in the mid scenario that this guy already had something else that was gong to commit him to 24 years anyway, so the 8 year option is a no-brainer.
  4. My guess is that if you’ve already elected 24, you’re stuck with an adsc that takes you to 22. However, if you only elected 20, they may not be able to enforce the 22 adsc. Just a guess though.
  5. olevelo

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Line numbers always come from date of rank of previous rank, then some other orders that I can’t ever keep straight, such as USAFA class rank and last four. “Ranking” off the board has never been part of it.
  6. olevelo

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Yeah that all pretty much jives with what I’ve seen. The big unknown now though is how that stacks up for APZ guys, since the board isn’t supposed to pay attention to that. Since the change, APZ’s with a P have definitely gone up, but still a pretty low chance, but what kind of pushes are they getting?
  7. olevelo

    Promotion and PRF Information

    When talking about command pushes, is there a massive difference between saying “ready for command now” in the first half of the push, versus “Sq/CC next” in the second half?
  8. No-go. Called and she said the same thing about having to have opened the account after 20 Sept 2017. I said I know multiple who had accounts before then and they were approved and she said there’s no way. Said maybe SCRA, but I’m not eligible because I opened the account after being on active duty. She also said that business accounts aren’t eligible for MLA so my Ink wouldn’t be covered anyway. I said but I can just cancel and re-apply then I’d get MLA, but she said that it’s a risk because they have a new review process and they might not approve the application. Tempted to risk anyway because although I’m only essentially paying $150 after the travel credit, the whole thing pisses me off. But I would lose the bonus redemption rate on UR points.
  9. Hmm thanks. I’ll try again! I used the secure message stuff before.
  10. Did you have the card before October 2017? I saw this a few months ago and tried for both my CSR and Ink and they denied it because the policy was only for accounts opened after that. I considered cancelling and reopening but hadn’t gotten around to it.
  11. olevelo

    Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    From what I recall, the VA loan requirements for living in the home only apply when trying to get a second (or later) loan, in that you have to have lived in the previous one for X years as a primary residence in order to get another loan. I could be way off on that but that’s what I remember. Edit: Disregard, saw the other thread, and apparently my memory is as terrible as I remembered.
  12. olevelo

    Short tour info

    Yeah seems like a good option. If there’s anything available that is. Still hoping for one of a couple other options to work out, but getting close to crunch time to need to head things off!
  13. olevelo

    Short tour info

    Thread revival, back to the original subject...anyone know what short tour assignments (ie, not 365’s off the AEF list) are floating around regularly? My functional is looking to see what’s available (I’m hot for a non-vol 365 as soon as FY19 requirements come out), but wondering what folks know is out there. Are all of the Korea remotes to Kunson or are there some at Osan?
  14. I’d say all of those options are about equal. Unfortunately there’s not exactly a demand for E-3 test pilots, but also not for C-21 or T-1. Not to say that you can’t get picked up out of any of those, just that you would be selected based on the rest of your record rather than a specific need. So this is the classic “bloom where you’re planted”, and go for something that you’ll enjoy and don’t look at it as a stepping stone. The AFIT option is 18 months there prior to TPS, followed by another 3-4 months at TPS after graduation to finish your thesis before moving to your first assignment. Not sure what else you want to know.
  15. I’ve never seen anyone get in without a technical degree. I’ve seen several without technical bachelor’s, but had a technical master’s. There’s a fairly wide list of what can be considered technical though.