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  1. I've been retired since 2017, so the makeup could be 0% 11F, or it could be 69%....don't know.
  2. Chalk up another win for Dave Devine! This was my second loan with NBKC and we just closed on a re-fi of my primary residence in a little over 30 days from start to finish. Dave always responded quickly to emails / phone calls and signing the paperwork electronically was very easy. New to me was the mobile notary that showed up at my house to sign all the closing documents...convenient to say the least! Highly recommend Dave and NBKC!! Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network Forums
  3. False! I took a 5 year bonus, then Palace Front'd to AFRC. Cap-10
  4. Didn't fly with them for ATP, but I know the owner and the CFI's Cap-10
  5. Like the topic name says, I read the emails but they still show up as bold/unread and I get the red "2" next to the drop down messages header. iPad mini2 iOS 9.2 App version: couldn't find version info in app, but I'm not showing an iTunes update, so I assume I have the most current one. Cap-10
  6. I already have my ATP, but I'm interested in your review. Cap-10
  7. Helping to spread the word that the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots (River Rats) provide scholarships to full time students, both undergrad and grad. Believe it or not, we are having a hard time getting enough applicants each year to maintain our status with the CFC and 501©(3) status. Eligibility falls into two categories: 1) Kinship Requirement: Scholarship grant recipients must be immediate dependent (legal son, daughter or spouse) of: a) A U.S. aircrew member listed as Killed in Action (KIA) or Missing in Action (MIA) from any combat situation involving U.S. military from August 1964 (Vietnam Era) through the present; or b) A military aircrew member killed as the result of performing aircrew duties during a non-combat mission; or c) A RRVA member who is currently in good standing or was in good standing at the time of their death. 2) Kinship Not Required: To provide assistance in the education of persons in the fields related to aviation and space (Kinship to deceased aviator not required). Degree must be related to aviation, aerospace, or space. Applications forms are published mid January of each Calendar year with a submission deadline of 15 May for the Academic Year that runs Aug to Jul. Any help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated and please let me know if you have any questions. More info can be found at n the River Rats Scholarship page at: http://www.river-rats.org/about-us/scholarship-program.html Cap-10
  8. When separating/retiring, all the queep stuff (medals/opr's) are supposed to be closed out 30 days prior to ensure time to get into our records. I have personally had success walking into AFPC down at Randolph, had corrections made to my DD-214, and walked out w th an updated DD-214 about 15 minutes later....mind blown!!
  9. Cap-10

    Gun Talk

    Springfield XD mod 2...only 2 tenths wider than the XDs, but double stack, so lots more Ammo. Cap-10
  10. This was back in the late 90's, but a college buddy of mine, SIE'd in the T-37 phase, served out the remainder of his AF time (approx 3 years) in acquisitions, separated, then joined the Navy where they sent him to pilot training and he had a long career flying Hornets (C through E/F). Cap-10
  11. Also a full time AGR and co-owner of a small business...glad I have the other owner to help share the business responsibilities.
  12. Not sure if Shaw uses it, but IR-18 goes South to North on the NW (6 miles) side of CHS, passes just East (approx 1nm) of MKS, then makes a 45 left over Lake Moultrie. If my memory serves me, we (USAF) should be avoiding all airports by 1500/3 while on low levels.
  13. Cap-10

    Gun Talk

    Follow up to my purchase on grabagun.com: Purchased late Sunday night (Father's Day)....only paid $5.99 for shipping....shipped out Monday morning from Texas...at my FFL noon on Tuesday. Hoser
  14. Cap-10

    Gun Talk

    I just stumbled onto grabagun.com. Purchased a Springfield Mod-2 9mm...about $60 cheaper than local gun stores and no sales tax (unless buying in Texas). $5.99 flat rate shipping. In the end, will save me just under $100 from buying in person. Cap-10
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