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  1. Fudge

    NATO apologises for Afghan Koran 'burning'

    Thanks to the media now you too can butcher firearm terminology!
  2. Yeah, I had the same situation. Sort of. PCS TDY enroute, but at my TDY location my orders were rescinded. So I returned to my previous duty station. Somehow I was supposed to go get new weight tickets... completely retarded! I was already well over the 600 lbs because I have a truck and I was packing for 5 months so I knew I'd only get 600 lbs reimbursed. (I had over 1,500 lbs with me... you can bring a lot in a 1 - 1/4 ton diesel). Why in the world would my weight change? When I got back "home" I said are you absolutely kidding me? It took me 2-3 hours to unpack my crap. I'm not going to repack it, drive all the way to the scales, then go home and unpack it again. Use some friggin' common sense here.
  3. Fudge

    Flight sunglasses

    Another fan of Serengeti for flying. They have an amber/bronze-ish lens. They rock.
  4. Fudge

    Military in Uniform at Airport

    Boarding lines by class? Absolutely? Security lines by experience? Great in notion, but people that travel once every 5 years will call them selves "experienced". There will be people just going for the shorter/quicker line just because. How do you PROVE how often you travel? At least with a first class ticket you can prove it. Leave it up to people to make the decision and I guarantee there will be dishonesty. If TSA is allowing separate screening lines based on ticket price, I really don't care. I say one line for travelers, and one line for crew/"special" vetted people (fed agents, etc). If I'm buying my coach ticket and someone bought a first class, I accept the fact that they might get through quicker, even through TSA. I really just don't care. TSA is a joke, and a horrible waste of money.
  5. Fudge

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    HUA! (rolls eyes...)
  6. Fudge

    Viper incident at Oshkosh.

    Found a high res shot here, on landing rollout: http://www.avweb.com/newspics/galleries/airventure2011/f16overrun/large/02.jpg Possibly showing a partially fogged canopy? Maybe, maybe not. Did the MP mention any of this on the radio to lead as it was going on? Question for the Viper bubbas on here, if the canopy did fog up, would it have shown up on the hud tapes?
  7. Fudge

    Viper incident at Oshkosh.

    But the AK F-22 mishap was the pilot's fault? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
  8. Fudge

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Technically, are you even on the flight line AT the fod check? I would think not, so therefore none of that crap should even apply. But that's not the point to this thread. Do tell. In the mean time we'll just get this thread back on track.
  9. Fudge

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Guess you missed the reply-all email from someone, then the reply from the OG addressing the reply... then yep, the reply-all to that. I'm not a U-2 guy, I was there for Global Hawks and was on the 1RS email. "yeah, I'm not gonna do that" was how it started. Then the OG said yes you will. But the reply to that was what was funny. No.
  10. Fudge

    Ops to MX

    Well if some of you want to drink some koolaid and "think" this will be good for you and your career, go for it. If you're considering doing this because you actually want to (and don't care how it affects your career), then cool, go for it. But if you're unsure about this don't do it. MX isn't for everyone, especially leadership positions. Doing things because "oh yeah, this will help me down the road" is retarded. Do it because you want to. The current O-6 might like it. That just means two O-6s later it will be the dumbest idea ever. I don't know how many guys I've heard of volunteering for crap additional duties/179s only to get effed in the A later anyways. Why subject yourself to that? Do what YOU want. Not what the man wants. Eff the man.
  11. Fudge

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    So, how's the whole setting the parking brake when doing FOD check thing coming along? ;) That was pretty damn funny.
  12. Fudge

    Ops to MX

    Doesn't the Navy do this sort of stuff? I'll go with "How about no, Scott." A majority of my fellow late rated bubbas have never faired well in regards to peer ranking/strats/DPs/DRs/etc. Never once have I had a commander even acknowledge my prior job as a 21A to me. Not that I give a $#!* anymore...
  13. Fudge

    Best OCONUS for single dude

    Elmendorf was a cool assignment, but not a whole lot of wimminz in Alaska.
  14. Fudge

    Shoe Clerk Vol 3

    And that's why you always submit it. Make someone deny it in leaveweb. Then when you have Use/Lose and they ask why you haven't taken leave, you can tell your "leadership" to eat a dick.