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  1. Hey y'all, I was a little more active on here a few years back when applying to guard units but have lurked off & on since then. I live in Houston where, as most are aware, we had some pretty gnarly flooding from Hurricane Harvey. As shitty as the situation has been for so many in the area, it has largely brought out the best in people. My wife and I were lucky enough to be spared from anything serious, but homes just a few blocks away were inundated with floodwater. Watching USCG helicopters snag folks from rooftops just a few streets over was pretty surreal. The other day, I watched a -130 refueling a couple pavehawks directly over my neighborhood. I grew up around AF bases, so seeing aircraft overhead is something I'm pretty used to. Watching them putting in serious work to help save lives was something new entirely. With that said, I'm sure more than a few of you on here have been involved, either directly or indirectly, with rescue, recovery, and aid efforts in response to the storm. On behalf of everyone in Houston and SE Texas, I just wanted to say thanks. If you've ever in the area, let me know and beers are on me.
  2. As someone who flies but is not military aircrew, I'm naturally curious as to what went wrong. Any insight as to when/where info might be made publicly available? The AF FOIA page was mentioned above, but it (as also mentioned) hasn't been updated in some time. Not asking for anyone to share privileged info, but it sounds like there could be some takeaways from this.
  3. Enjoying one of these right now. One of my favorite IPAs. Also had some Greenflash West Coast IPA lately -- even hoppier than the Breck. I think the Breck has an overall better flavor, so if it's an 8.5/10, the Greenflash is probably a 7.5-8. Had a Founders Brewing Breakfast Stout the other week. It's a double-chocolate coffee oatmeal stout, and it is delicious. Easily one of the best beers I have ever had. 9.6/10. Also enjoyed a Saint Arnold Pumpkinator (Imperial Pumpkin Stout) last week. I don't like pumpkin, but I really enjoyed this beer. I have three more of these and an Alaskan Pumpkin Porter heading home with me for Thanksgiving. I'd give the Pumpkinator a solid 8/10. Not something you're going to want a whole lot of, but it's tasty and 10%abv.
  4. I grew up with my father being an active-duty pilot, and my wife's brother & bro-in-law are both USMC rotary wing aviators, so we're somewhat familiar with that side of things. I'm currently in the process of applying to guard UPT boards and was curious how socially active your average guard squadron is, especially with regards to spouses. My wife would appreciate an active spouse's group, but I have no idea if those even exist in the guard world. Any insight?
  5. I've checked a couple of times since June... Getting it on PC and iPad.
  6. My contact with the unit is no longer there. Looking for some info on likelihood of a UPT board coming up anytime soon. Anyone here out at Ellington?
  7. For me, retaking the TBAS improved my scores significantly. There was one section of the test (those of you who have taken it can probably guess which one) that I didn't do well on the first time around. Second try, smoked it and had a 98 PCSM score with 0 hours. To echo Slapahoe's thoughts, especially if you can pinpoint a particular part of the test that brought your score down, I'd definitely give it a second try. Just knowing what to expect the 2nd time around can be helpful too.
  8. Getting it on a PC as well...
  9. As another "pilot hopeful," I should probably just sit back and shut up, but I can't help myself... Above is what would've likely been a better response...
  10. Head to Randolph and just start knocking on doors?
  11. http://access.afpc.af.mil/pcsmdmz/boarddates.html The above link seems to have what you're looking for. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. The Lone Star was a little too sweet for my liking. Love the St Arnold Bock though. Speaking of St Arnold, I've had a few of their limited-release brews lately... Bishop's Barrel #2 is an old ale aged in chardonnay barrels with cherries. This was... interesting. Icon Red is a belgian-style pale ale. I loved it, and was pretty pissed when my roommates finished off 2 out of my 4 while I was gone. Icon Blue is a cascadian dark ale / black IPA. This stuff was freakin' delicious. Nice & hoppy, but also kinda roasty like a porter. I don't think it's available outside the Houston market, but if you ever have a chance I highly recommend trying Buffalo Bayou Brewery's stuff. Their flagship beer (1836) and IPA (More Cowbell) are two of my favorites.
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