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  1. Just get acsc in correspondence and stay AD. There’s nobody left....
  2. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/01/14/new-army-program-will-make-sure-prospective-battalion-commanders-are-fit-lead.html?ESRC=eb_200115.nl "If you take a look at officers that may have got out early ... and you ask them how their battalion commander was, it was probably not who they wanted or inspired them do serve," “But he did ASBC/SOS correspondence/SOS in residence/Masters/ACSC correspondence....I don’t get it.” -Air Force
  3. ACSC in correspondence is a waste of time. Basing selection for promotion on that single item is ignorant. I have NEVER talked to someone my senior that disagrees with this. (At least in a closed door conversation) But are any of you guys actually surprised at this? I’m not.
  4. 4 extra years to do ACSC in correspondence to prove your leadership potential!
  5. If there is a way, the numbers will already be “adjusted” in order to show the bottom of the excel spreadsheet green.
  6. They should promote the majority of actively flying O-4’s(pilots) solely based on a last ditch effort to retain some experience..... But they won’t.
  7. ACSC In correspondence is useless. Using it as a discriminator was a foul from the beginning and continues to be a highlight in “What’s wrong with the AF”
  8. Where is the data showing promotion rate for non-pilots that took the bonus? I think that this boils down to simple economics.... Why pay someone more when they don’t have an easy avenue to a six figure job on the outside and already committed for the next 5-6 years....
  9. Did you intentionally tube the B course because you didnt “deserve” a bomber? Should’ve flunked PRP instead.
  10. Bragging. You and Pawnman should just get room and leave the rest of us out if it. Plenty of us as an O-4 DO in a flying squadron right now. You’re definitely not “special” or “hand-picked”
  11. Mentored to be like the current crop of yes men with a additional learning experience in how ass backwards leadership priorities really are....
  12. All too little and far too late.
  13. Yup, it’ll be the O-4 that completed his ACSC and took the bonus. The “Real Go Getter.”
  14. This belongs in the “What’s Wrong” thread. Yet again, another great reason to steer clear of ACSC so you’re not tagged for PowerPoint deployments as a “leader”....
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