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  1. ACSC is useless. Good for you. I had the same conversation prior to my PRF being submitted. Also sent up with a P.
  2. If you’re rated, pass you PHA and still look ok in uniform, you’re good. Questions?
  3. Further evidence how useless it is....
  4. Sounds like some hyper intelligent people with fantastic resumes. I wonder where they stack “ACSC on correspondence” on the list of accomplishment?
  5. AKA: Guaranteed Lt Col promotion?
  6. Reading this thread surprises me that this many people want/care to attend school.....
  7. The amount doesn’t matter. Not when it is still connected to a longer contract for indentured servitude.
  8. At least you only have 9 more years of this BS..... I mean until you’ll likely be able to palace chase.
  9. “Easiest thing to fly” .... do you mean ride around in?
  10. And pay the remaining bonus back? While finding a new job?
  11. I hope you guys get promoted! But. (Devils Advocate) You committed to 20 as a major by taking the bonus. Do you think the bean counters want you to promote? Plenty of O-4’s taking over as DO nowadays. No reason to hand out more money when you already took a little extra and signed a contract....
  12. As long as online BS drops out of the selection criteria its a SMALL win.
  13. How it should be... If the boss wants a guy to be a CC then offer an in res. Min running an online course just to get a promotion/show you care/being a company man clearly falls under “what’s wrong with the AF”
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