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  1. So the curriculum for online ACSC/SOS are effectively accomplishing these requirements? Without mandated time to accomplish it? Sounds like more checking of a container because there is a Goldwater-Nichols Act to back it.
  2. Some dudes I know hit the “push to test” and are awaiting results now.... One with a DP. No ACSC.
  3. What is the point? The actual goal? This is the curriculum (IDE/SDE) that makes a better O-5? O-6? Spending this time in lieu of investing it in your actual job/family/hobbies is really THAT beneficial? At least a masters degree helps on a civilian resume.....
  4. Agreed.... something online that can be a pre-requisite for attending in-residence when we get back to normal. Like 2007-2017.
  5. Make sure the individual did ASBC, SOS in correspondence, SOS in residence(8 weeks), Masters, ACSC and plan the squadron Christmas party. Those should eliminate the award/medals/combat/deployed time and other “useless” data points for the board.
  6. It’s all made up, and the points don’t matter....
  7. I’m betting end of September. End of the fiscal year.
  8. Yay? Sweet? (Please move to whats wrong with the AF thread)
  9. You’ll be such a great squadron commander when you get this all finished. (So I’ve heard) ((From nobody...ever))
  10. ^^THIS^^ The presents the illusion of control and ability to “make life decisions” In reality, the AF determines what is best for you.....again.
  11. Yeah.... it’s the AF. I mean, how could you possibly make it past Major without discussing topics like that?
  12. This is so Air Force....unable to accomplish something “required” even though deemed useless by everyone that’s done it prior, but still need to be signed up on time to participate. Meanwhile even the system itself has become self aware and has collapsed making it impossible to sign up. Catch 22 squared more like it....
  13. You haven’t. Neither have I. I honestly believe the only way to move away from this junk being considered is to JUST STOP DOING IT.
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