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  1. I wasn’t the original person you were calling out. I was simply pointing out how absurd it was to complain about the “record amount” of EOs he’s signed one week into his term. Let’s see if he holds pace, then it is significant, otherwise it’s simply one guy trying to undo all the crap he feels was done poorly by the guy who left things a mess. Some I agree with, some are pandering to the left, and some are stupid, and will probably suck for the country. Since you’re so big on keeping track, how many last second things did Trump try to do on his way out, seemingly to simply create wor
  2. You wanna go that route. Trump holds the record.
  3. ^This! We have a ways to go, but we've also come a long way. This is an example of incredibly poor leadership, not an example of finding dudes/dudettes who wouldn't be able to hack it in combat. I know there are people that slip through the cracks and somehow make it to UPT, but that "wheat has been shifted" by the time they get to UPT. You only make it there if you've shown yourself to be a fairly capable individual. Anyone denying it, sorry, not trying to put a dent in your memory of how awesome you were in UPT, and how you'd have held up better the scrutiny the IPs determined t
  4. You're right, 420K+ deaths means this isn't that big a deal. 34K deaths from the flu. Yep, no big deal... I guess if you're not affected, who cares right? Gonna whip out some BS about conflated numbers? Ok, go for it. Probably right, the world got together to conspire against their own economies... I agree, it's time, past time, to be smart about opening up, but this is real. Maybe that's not how you feel, that's for sure how your post came across.
  5. Family is in Spokane, I’m in class in DC, weed smell is everywhere, all the time. It’s worse in DC, go figure. When my teenagers come visit they notice how much more you smell it in DC, and it’s not rare smelling it in Spokane...
  6. Oh, you're raising the BS flag? Well, now I just feel silly... You know why YMMV means right?
  7. Friends I have at hospitals in AZ and CA say majority of med personnel are getting it. YMMV
  8. Nope, was agreeing with you on 1-3. Context of me then explaining my thoughts on 4&5 makes it fairly obvious I wasn't agreeing with all three bills. I could have been more clear though.
  9. Great questions, and they go to my point about the conversation. Refuse to have it, and we get what the ignorant masses force on us. Take part in the conversation and maintain some say in what those measures/definitions are.
  10. I didn't say remove guns. Also, I hate how this lame argument about guns only making it easier to hurt people... Yeah, a lot easier! Why don't you go pull up statistics on mass shootings vs mass stabbings or cars used as a weapon. The latter happen infrequently because you can't do the same amount of damage without getting up close and personal. Difference between pickling a JDAM and pulling the trigger in CQB is similar. One is much harder to do, and that's in a justified situation. The ability to be somewhat removed by using a gun vs having to do it up close and personal is just o
  11. Why? Because I don't agree with some of the points on the right, and I'm not willing to blindly jump on board with everything spouted by people on an internet forum? I'm a moderate, leaning conservative. And like I said, very clear definitions need to exist. Engage in good faith in the debate, and we get a say in those definitions. Act like they're trying to steal our guns, refuse to engage, and we're stuck with whatever they decide. That's a bad strategy...
  12. 1-3 I'll agree with 100%. 4 and 5, I have zero heartburn with. I honestly think if you can't store it properly, you're too irresponsible to have it. Definitions need to be laid out based on familial circumstances like whether or not you have kids, or someone struggling with mental health, drug, etc. issues with regular access to your home, but otherwise, storing a weapon properly is a good thing. We're all trained at the squadron, some of us with many shooter's courses under our belts because of the job, yet our weapons need to be in a secured location. Average Joe citizen has nowhere near th
  13. That is mind bogglingly frustrating. I'm 100% with you on the economy and covid. It's long since past time to open up smarty. It's really too bad that a certain someone in power made this a political thing from the get go where one side stupidly has to show how 180 out from him they are, thereby ruining the economy. Completely blame the Dems for not being smart enough to ignore his childish games. Had this not been a political thing, and instead a "let's keep everyone safe thing" we'd be in a totally different economic situation right now.
  14. Seriously? Tell me which young person I could have voted for. When we're at the end of the race you pick from the horses still running. Or stand on principle and write a name in. I almost did, but when faced with 4 more of Trump I went with the lesser of two evils. That was a statement for all. If it somehow made you feel triggered or guilty... my bad, I guess.
  15. 100% agreed that starting with a 78 yr old president is a problem. Totally disagree you don't need to be a mental health expert to see the problems you guys are talking about. I'm not saying he doesn't have the issues. I'm saying no one has proven it, and that you absolutely cannot judge a person's mental health on sound bites, but you obviously are an expert on the possible here, so by all means. If Trump hadn't been such an NTAC with regards to his dismissiveness towards the Rona, he'd be the president right now. He'd be a 74 yr old tool sitting in that office, so not muc
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