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  1. slackline

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    So, if you take the devil's money, you must obviously not be skilled enough to make it on the outside. Noted. A lot of valid discussion in here, and then someone makes a blanket statement like this. Seems suspect.
  2. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    If I were your CC, I'd tell you to simply not do it. What's the worst they could do to you? You're right, it makes no sense and you shouldn't waste your time. In your shoes, I would ignore it. You shouldn't be writing your own PRF anyway, so just call them on it!
  3. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Wrong. Duck has since cleared up the situation by owning the fact that he could have been more clear. His initial post about it, however, leads one to believe exactly what you are saying he wasn't asking. He owned it, why are you still defending something he's not fighting?
  4. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    This crap right here makes me feel like I'm arguing with my 15 year old. Don't like what you're hearing, just say, "you don't get it!". I now remember why I stopped coming on here for a few years. A few of you think you're the only ones who get it. Couldn't see the forest for the trees... Duck, glad you're getting what you want.
  5. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I’m a pilot, I get it. Agreed, there are mostly valid complaints here. I’m failing how people, pilots as you’ve pointed out who are supposed to be really smart, are failing to put this together. Ignore his backstory for a moment. He came on here and literally used the words “trick the AF” into paying him $69K. You just pointed out that his intentions this whole time were to successfully separate from the AF. That $69K is for being involuntarily separated unless I’m mistaken. If so, my bad. In what world is it ethical and of sound integrity to attempt to get something you are not entitled to? Again, if he said it all tongue in cheek, my bad. I apologize if I’m coming off holier than thou, but in my squadron, I wouldn’t be too happy if one of my guys attempted this. It’s just kind of sad is all. We complain about senior leadership, and rightly so, but this is not cool. Vote with your feet, don’t attempt to screw the AF on the way out. You just make it more difficult on your bros when you leave. This is a pointless conversation. The AF is going to get its pound of flesh regardless. Get yours, ethically, when and where you can.
  6. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Cool, but I fail to see how your post disproves the fact that he said he was trying to trick the AF out of money. Maybe you weren't talking to me. Again, if he wasn't trying to do anything like that, then he should be able to ignore my ignorant statement with no issues. As should everyone else.
  7. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Please, enlighten me. My skin is thick enough for whatever you've got. I've been around long enough to stand up to some ridiculous internet tough guys. Once again, if I'm wrong, I'll own it. Doesn't change what he said. If what he said was all tongue in cheek, well, can't blame people for not seeing that on the interwebs. Saying you want to "trick" the AF into money is pretty cut and dry. I didn't Wade into his past service, in fact, I thanked him for it, so way to go there. Believe it or not you can throw away years of honorable service with one bad decision.
  8. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I'm sure you're a good dude and the AF has hosed you for sure, but guess what, most of us have been hosed at some point. It doesn't give us carte blanche to ditch our standards. Imagine an AF in which all officers had your attitude. I despise a lot of what I have to go through in the AF, but the men and women I get to serve with make it tolerable. Maybe no one on here wants to say it, or maybe this board has turned into something where only a bunch of whiners come to complain, but your statement here makes me feel like the AF got this one right. I feel like anyone willing to take $69K under erroneous circumstances is someone that should never have been an officer in the first place. When you say "trick the AF to give you" that's what you're getting at, so twist it however else you want. When they don't pay our travel voucher is due to ineptitude, not malacious intentions. Again, sorry your career got cut short. Sorry you're one of the individuals paying for poor leadership at the top, but based on your reactions, you are not what will help fix the AF going forward. I hope you find a great job on the outside. I could be way off base here, and if so I apologise. If I'm not, I'm sure you and many others on here will reply with something incredibly mature proving me right. In that case, I still wish you the best, I just wish if for you outside of the guard/reserves because you don't need to be serving anymore. I am grateful for your service, however. You've done more than the overwhelming majority, so thank you!
  9. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    If they do pay it in error, they'll come after you later. Not worth it IMHO.
  10. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Gee, thanks. I hadn't thought about that...
  11. slackline

    Promotion and PRF Information

    True, but to play devil's advocate here, I'm sitting on a couple of individuals waiting on an MEB who should be separated without medical retirement. They are milking the system, and on the civilian side worker's comp investigators would nail these people for fraud. Unfortunately, the DoD is an easy target for people "hurt in the line of duty". Don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water, but my recent exposure to the dirtbags makes me wonder just how many people are getting disability money, or were medically retired who don't deserve it. Again, believe me, I get what this job does to the body, but some (lots) people take advantage.
  12. slackline

    DoD Being Sued

    Or their pilots...
  13. Bowstaff skills, nun chuck skills, you know, skills that impress the girls...
  14. slackline

    Mustache March

    Lots of skuzziness around Langley.
  15. slackline

    Good military/aviation books

    Check out this article from USA TODAY: Medal of Honor recipient shuns spotlight http://usat.ly/210MTeD This is the caliber of dudes in used to, not the Marcus Latrells that are out there capitalizing on their brethren. I love that he silently calls them out for it too.