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  1. AMEX Platinum now includes HHonors Gold upgrade automatically.
  2. Unless you mean the $200? Those just get credited at end of billing cycle.
  3. It was so quick that I never even paid the initial fee. This was a few years ago
  4. Free cards for family, excellent extended warranty/accident protection and no international transaction fees are some additional perks. Has been my go-to card for a few years now. Bought $200 in United gift certificates the past two years. Never paid any interest or fee on the card.
  5. http://m.live5news.com/live5news/db_348659/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=4flY5zLS
  6. Lots of dumb shizz going on here. As I previously mentioned, F-16 was at MVA (1,600 MSL). Field elevation accounting for normal day at CHS is approx 90 feet on the standby altimeter.
  7. F-16 at MVA on downwind/base for practice instrument approach. Vectored directly IVO KMKS. Further details should be released soon by NTSB
  8. I feel bad for anyone associated with this terrible, waste of resources program. Do not walk away, RUN! All the vectors comments and crap talk about taking the DLAB, no thanks.
  9. AD W2 as FL resident and Reserve one in different state once I got off the "never pay state taxes" good deal. Worked quite well and was very easy to file taxes. Didn't get sep pay, so no info on that part.
  10. Add another to the list of happy NBOKC customers. VA refi from 3.75 to 3.25 with 5K credits, a check at closing and all it cost me was rolling VA funding fee on top of leftover principal. Our broker was good, but think I would've been more pleased with Dave from reading all the comments. PM me if you want more info. As for MoversAdvantage, most of the realtors they pair you with aren't the ones winning local and national level awards! Use a real estate friend to recommend one and it can be beneficial for both of you. My wife was leery of using a bank she'd never heard of and tried to find every reason as to why NBOKC was trying to screw us over. That all changed when the lawyer/notary showed up to the house at the time of our convenience with the entire process being done in about 4 weeks. I've already recommended NBOKC to friends doing summer moves and will keep doing so in the future.
  11. I'm sure others are dealing with. Have been throwing 10% for almost 14 years into TSP and am trying to figure out what I should do with it in the future. Have stopped all contributions since joining the Reserves a few months back and now have an airline 401K that I will be maximizing. Is it worth rolling my TSP into the 401K? I have lots of tax free contributions that I'm sure wouldn't carry over to withdrawing from 401K in the future. Additionally, might be a bit safer to have some diversity in my investing. Any other pros/cons or recent experiences?
  12. Doesn't move you up AFPC functional list, but your boss doesn't fight to keep you off of one. More likely instance is a 4-6 month AEF deployment, but you get my point. I definitely appreciated the 365 handed to me while my PC was being routed!
  13. 1-1 PC is gone BC they were so "successful" last year. 1-3 traditional PC has been around and people have been getting approved with it for years. Two keys 1. Have a position number and/or hiring letter for an ANG/Res unit. Though not required for officers, you won't get approved without. 2. Know the manning level for your year group/AFSC at Sq/Wg/MAJCOM level. If you're in a critically manned block, odds of approval are lower. Good luck and know that it's hard to turn back from PC. Once you submit, you will be viewed as a short-timer and move to bottom of list for good things (promo/assignments/awards/jobs) and top for a 365. If you can handle all this, it is totally worth it when you get to the other side. AFPC functional policy is to not recommend any PC asking for anything above 12 mos. Doesn't mean SAF/PC office won't approve anyway, but better chance if you're asking for 12 mos or less.
  14. AMEX Platinum. Search for the particulars on previous threads. Bennies are fantastic for zero fees annually.
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