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  1. My question, what happens when a "green" area turns "red" when you're there. Automatic quarantine? What if it's green for weeks and you buy plane tickets to go, then it turns red days before your leave. Leave cancelled? Any recourse to get your $$ back? Like Lawman said, it's easier to just stay put...
  2. In my neck of the AF, the guidance is we're writing them until we have explicit guidance not to from higher up. Didn't we just do this last year?
  3. Tough year for military aviation. To him.
  4. Don’t they use this same process for Captains every year? Shouldn’t they know exactly how much work goes into it?
  5. We start flying tomorrow at Vance with eleven planes. Eleven. Because those are the only aircraft that passed both TCTOs which scrubbed the OBOGS and the emergency oxygen systems nose to tail. We're not flying on ambient air (yet) because testing, airworthiness review/certification, etc. is still ongoing. Will we eventually fly in that configuration? Maybe, but not without the procedures & training necessary to mitigate the risks involved. I just don't buy the argument that the Air Force is "rubber stamping" this one to produce more pilots. Are they motivated to get these planes back in the air and start flying student sorties again? Of course, that's their primary mission! I'd question their leadership if they weren't searching for any and every solution to end this stand down. But we've had the capability (i.e. the hardware & proof of concept) to fly while breathing ambient air for weeks now. If this was a knee-jerk reaction to get planes back in the air, we'd already be flying. I agree that Vance leaned too far forward in January, trying to "catch up" to the timeline. Hindsight is 20/20. I also think that this time it's being done right. So far. Only time can tell if that will continue.
  6. The configuration basically bypasses the anti-suffocation valve so you can breathe cockpit air with your mask up. Testing going on this week was to (hopefully) uncover any flaws and determine the operating envelope (probably <18K’). Like BL said, many planes are not passing the TCTOs, so it won’t be 100% ops even if we do fly soon.
  7. Hey Guys, I just received an assignment to be a T-6 IP and had some questions about current conditions at Randolph. I'd like to bring my wife and son with me. I realize they probably won't be on my orders, but how easy is it to get permission to stay off base? Pulling teeth or just a matter of verbalizing that preference? If I don't get a Non-A can I still stay off base just with the reduced Per-diem rate or will I have to eat the whole cost of a place myself? Thanks in advance for any info!
  8. Talk about a bad start to your day... http://www.hollywood...cal-news-314617
  9. CBM 11-14 T-1 KC-10 Travis x2 KC-10 McGuire C-17 McGuire C-17 McChord C-5 Dover PC-12 Cannon KC-135 Hickam E-8 Robbins C-130 Little Rock HC-130 Moody UAV Creech C-130J Rhode Island (Guard) C-5 Travis (Reserve) KC-135 New Hampshire (Guard) T-38 F-15S (Saudi) F-2 x2 (Japanese) T-6 FAIP (First Choice) UAV Creech A-10 DM x2 F-16 Luke x2 F-15C Oregon Legit!
  10. CBM 11-13 T-38: B-52 x2 Barksdale C-17 McGuire F-15 SJ A-10 DM T-1: C-17 x3 McChord C-17 Charleston C-17 Dover KC-10 Travis KC-135 McConnell E-3 Tinker C-21 Ramstien MC-12/KC-135 Macdill C-130 Little Rock T-1 FAIP C-17 Guard KC-135 Guard C-21/C-27 Guard C-5 Reserve
  11. CBM 11-12 T-38: F-16 Luke A-10 DM F-15C (Attached to a guard unit?) B-1 Dyess B-52 Barksdale T-6 Faip F-15S (Saudi) T-1: C-17 Charleston x3 C-17 McGuire C-17 McChord E-3 Tinker KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 Kadena RC-135 Offut C-130J Ramstien C-130 Yokota T-6 Faip C-130 CSprings (Reserve) C-17 Elmendorf (Guard) KC-135 Somewhere in Wisconsin (Guard) Pretty nice drop!
  12. Columbus 11-07 Drop T-38s: 2 X F-16 E-3 to Japan B-52 to Barksdale T-6 FAIP T-1s: RC-135 E-8 C-21 2 X KC-135(1 Guard) C-5 C-17 M-28 EC-130 (Guard) NSA RPA to Creech T-1 FAIP
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