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  1. ACSC in the Guard

    Nsplayr, Maybe I'm reading that article wrong or have bad info but I wouldn't bank my retirement on having inactive points count towards an AD retirement. To get an AD retirement you must have 20 years of service and 7300 Active duty points, you can't have 7000 active and 300 inactive and draw an immediate pension. Otherwise why do we differentiate between active and inactive retirement points?
  2. ACSC in the Guard

    I opted to do it while still on AD. I figured my last OPR out the door wasn't going to be as good as previous years and I knew a strat was now out of the question. I know a couple of wing #1 strat guys who's last report before separation basically said "Good dude, best of luck" no strat with the same rater/additional rater from the previous year. So I completed ACSC on Big Blue's time and I'm glad I did (one less thing to worry about). If you're going to be AGR and working towards an AD retirement then definitely complete it because you'll have about 0.69% chance of making O5 without it. The difference in overall pay and retirement will be significant over a lifetime. My 2 cents. Also, the additional points are inactive points which are not counted towards your 7300 if you're looking for a full AD retirement.
  3. I just saw an article that the RPA bonus was going up to $35k per year! Here's the catch, it's for only 5 years ($175k) and the previous 9 year $225k is no longer available. Finally, you can't take half up front. I'm pretty sure this will solve all of the retention problems!
  4. More SARC briefings soon.

    Ha, I initially thought Big Butch Girl to cover both genders before continuing to read.
  5. Moto, What about a guy going from a MWS to UPT and then back to their previous MWS? Do they still incur a 3 year ADSC for the requal? How do you fight the ADSC? Do you call AFPC or just open a incident case in MyPers?
  6. I got to fill out my seperation questionnaire this week and the bonus was one of the topics. I didn't put my thoughts into the survey because they may actually implement it (although Chang will probably push this idea) but the AF should look at pilots the way NFL teams look at players. You have players under contract, restricted free agents, and unrestricted free agents. As you approach the end of your UPT commitment you fall into the restricted and the unrestricted free agent class. For me, when my UPT commitment was in sight I was able to realistically start applying for jobs. I really didn't plan on leaving until a job opportunity became available and I started to realize it would be WAY better for my family and I to leave AD. Now two years ago if the AF would have offered me the bonus then and started paying immediate (while I was under contract) I would have signed up happily. This would have also let the AF know ahead of time their potential pilot manning numbers two years ahead of schedule. There would be a few exceptions of people who wouldn't take the bonus and still stay in but it wouldn't be many.
  7. Drone Pilots: We Don’t Get No Respect

    Did anyone read the AF Times article on the RPA bonus? $15K per year for 5 or 9 years (but we'll cut your flight pay by $10,200 annually). That has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever read! If you sign up for an additional 5-9 years of ADSC's for $4,800 you're an idiot! Even if you love your job, giving up the ability to be a free agent for $4,800 is dumb in my opinion.
  8. No but there are opportunities out there flying helos. I'm one of those Huey guys at Fairchild that hasn't taken the bonus. The problem is after Spokane there's not really any good assignments and you'll eventually end up in global strike.
  9. I like viperstud's answer. I'm on the fence about staying or leaving. With the current "pilot retention" problem, if AFPC still can't make an assignment happen consistent with my APD when I'm a free agent then I'll walk away with 11 good years of memories. I know that civilian companies are not likely to hold a job for several months while I try to separate, so I would like to be able to punch quickly.
  10. Is there a minimum amount of time you must give the AF prior to seperating? For example an ADSC that expires on 1 Sep and you have 60+ days of leave. Could you in theory apply for a seperation date of 1 September on 1 June, out process in 1 month, go on terminal around 1 July, and just burn your remaining leave until 1 September? Further, do you still get the 20 days PTDY (with cc approval) for relocation for a voluntary seperation?
  11. Retirement / Separation Considerations

    To piggy back on this question, what would his options be for a 365 or PCS given the same scenario?
  12. Leaving Afghanistan

    Because you voluntold guys to do a FID mission when they have no business being there. They just don't "get it". When I was there, some of our leadership was more more concerned about minor crap like dress and appearance than actually advising the Afghan Air Force on how to be an effective military.
  13. SERE/Land survival info

    Sent you a PM.
  14. SDP (Savings Deposit Program)

    You will pay taxes on the intersest in the year you withdraw. It may be benificial to pull it out in Dec if your going to have a lower tax bracket in 2012.