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    Scores are low. Retake both tests ASAP after executing a better study plan. Apply in the mean time and don't get discouraged.
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    Amazing. Even in a room by myself, the feeling of embarrassment induced by that song was so strong that I couldn't physically listen farther than "ABU top." Of all the crazy shit I watch on the Internet, this is the one I can't make it through.
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    The most popular airframes (No.1 choice) students want these days are mostly F-15s, RC-135s and EC-130s, with a few AFSOC sprinkled in there. These seem to be the most popular lately. Classes are usually quite evenly split with 50% wanting EWO/Nav type stuff and 50% wanting WSO/AFSOC.
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    2024... at least. USecAF_VCSAF_HAT_Rescission_Memo_19-Oct-17.pdf