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AD Meps vs NG/Reserve accessions (for a reservist)


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Currently a reservist applying to both AD and NG/Reserve boards. As part of the AD process, my recruiter will have me go to MEPS. As a reservist, I was told if I get hired by a reserve unit, I can bypass MEPS entirely.

Would paperwork/waivers required by MEPS complicate any accessions on the reserves side? I have deployed and gotten some minor injuries. Conversations with reserve flight docs say it wouldn't be a problem at their unit, I'm fit for duty. I'm worried that MEPS would be more strict about this, and would complicate my life. Can anyone in the know weigh in on this?

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I've heard of people hired by ANG units that will do a test-run with the ANG med group, look for any potential gotchas, before going to Brooks/MEPS/Whatever the flavor of today is. 

Also a good reminder and a perfect time to do all the research possible about depth perception and the myriad other tests you'll go through.

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