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Flight training for flight surgeons?


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I love medicine and aviation. Naturally I am pursuing med school and the flight surgeon path. I've read throughout the internet that Navy flight surgeons attend a portion of their UPT and spend a lot of time back seating jets, whereas neither of these roles are as common for AF flight surgeons. Can anyone on here chime in about this?

Is any portion of a flight surgeon's flight time actually logged training? I am aware of the pilot physician program, but unfortunately that sounds like it's all but exclusively for pilots to transition to medicine rather than the other way around.

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I was a flight surgeon for several ANG fighter squadrons as well as a private pilot. During AF Flight Medicine Basic, I had a centrifuge and altitude chamber training and testing.

As the Squadron SME (dedicated doc) I had a requirement for flight hours. I was on flight status as an aircrew member and got flight ppay occasionally if I needed to get flight hours in, I would fly in a D model with an IP and do a BFM sortie.

My ex-wife got tired of me leaving that she demanding I retire. I should have gotten a divorce years before that point and stayed on as a flight doc until they made me leave the service due to old age.



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