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  1. I love medicine and aviation. Naturally I am pursuing med school and the flight surgeon path. I've read throughout the internet that Navy flight surgeons attend a portion of their UPT and spend a lot of time back seating jets, whereas neither of these roles are as common for AF flight surgeons. Can anyone on here chime in about this? Is any portion of a flight surgeon's flight time actually logged training? I am aware of the pilot physician program, but unfortunately that sounds like it's all but exclusively for pilots to transition to medicine rather than the other way around.
  2. Howdy, I'm curious to know if being an O3 or O4 in a reserve component would exclude one from being able to be picked up for a UPT board, assuming one is age and medically qualified. I haven't seen any regulations regarding this. I am curious because I am interested in serving in special warfare and am not sure if pursuing that on the officer side for a 6 year contract would make me ineligible to finish my career as a pilot.
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