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327th AS Little Rock Info

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Hi All,


I am interested in joining the 327th and have several questions.

1. What is it like to join a reserve unit that doesn’t have their own tails and attached to an active duty unit?

2. What’s their op tempo like?

3. Recommendations on where to live in Little Rock.





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Since I separated I haven't logged in here much, so I'm a bit late to answer your questions but I'll give it a shot.


1. AFRC doesn't quite know what to do with us from a deployment standpoint because of the iron availability issue. For TACC taskings, it's no different than if we had tails. That may not technically be accurate based on crew ratios/etc, but from a line flyer perspective it's the same.

2. Standard AFRC deployment cycles.

3. It depends. Married? Spouse have a job? Where? Do you have a job? Are you commuting to an airline gig? PM me if you want to discuss in more detail. 

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