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Airline to Fighters (updated 4/2020/additional question)


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Hello everyone, I made some edits and wanted some additional guidance/answers to questions.

I'm a current regional airline pilot trying to get a pilot slot with a guard fighter unit.

  • Age: 23
  • Finishing BS in Aeronautics from ERAU (should be finished end august/september)
  • GPA:  2.94 from one year of community college, 3.85 from ERAU
  • AFOQT: Pilot-99, Nav-99, AcadApt-70, Verbal-79, Quant-56
  • PCSM: 94
  • ATP with 2550 hours, 1000 airline hours, current CFI/CFII
  • LOR's from retired USAF Lt. Col./F16 driver, AA 737 captain/mentor
  • One year experience as CFI/CFII, year and a half with the airlines

As far as 'extra curriculars' go:

  • ALPA P2P and scheduling committee for my airline
  • 6 years in CAP, started as a cadet, current senior member captain, national flight academy instructor, worked FEMA missions for Hurricane Harvey, RPA escort pilot

I've currently applied to 7 units since December, with all being 'thanks but no thanks.'  I've asked for some feedback, but haven't gotten any, so I figured it at least update things here and cast around for some additional info.    

New Questions

With everything going on in the aviation world, and me being reasonably young, I'm seriously considering enlisting, both for the secure income source, and to check another resume box.  The unit I would be enlisting in would be my 'dream' unit.  Is this a wise course of action or no?

If you think I should enlist, what MOS should I have (crew chief, weapons, and life support and been mentioned).




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updated info/additional questions.
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If I were you I'm not sure I would retake the tests. There are some units that will give you a hard time about the quantitative score, but some only care about your pilot score and PCSM. I'd start building out your packet and applying ASAP. Make sure your cover letter and resume are solid and you should be very competitive.

And FYI, I have not sat a board, this is based on comparisons to me and people I rushed and interviewed with before getting hired. So if bunch of guys who run hiring boards pop in and say something different, take their advice.

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On 11/1/2019 at 1:38 PM, Desk Jobs Suck said:

You have great scores, I would not re-take the AFOQT. You are young, so you have a lot of time to be rushing fighter units across the country and find which unit you mesh well with. Just be a good dude, don't be cocky, and have fun! Keep at it and you should find yourself in a fighter unit in a couple of years. Good luck!

Ditto desk jobs, those are solid scores. I wouldnt want to risk lowering the 99 pilot/nav. 

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