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No Specific Age Limit for RPA Pilots

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In case anyone was wondering, there is no specific age limit for entry Undergraduate Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training (URT). Based on a few changes recently, according to AFI 36-2105, Chapter 3, paragraph 3.1.1 spells out the age restrictions for persons seeking to enter UPT. Paragraph adds an exception for URT candidates. " Exception for Undergraduate Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training: must meet maximum age for appointment in the various grades as specified in AFI 36-2005, Appointment in Commissioned Grades and Designation and Assignment in Professional Categories – Reserve of the Air Force and United States Air Force." Heading over to AFI 36-2005 tells us in paragraph 2.6.1 says, "2.6.1. To be eligible for an original appointment the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and not reached his/her 40th birthday. (T-1) Note: AFRS/RSO, AF/RE, and NGB/A1Y may further restrict the maximum age based on needs of the component." 2.6.2 again spells out the age restriction for UFT, but adds a clause at the end of the paragraph, "(Exception: The 30th birthday restriction does not apply to ARC Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) applicants.) (T-1)" 


I thought I'd share some maybe common knowledge info because I was under the impression for a long time that 30 years of age was the cutoff period. Since I am 34, I was happy to stumble across this information. 

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I was 33 about to turn 34 when I graduated URT in 2019 as a pinned-on Major. I am a Guard guy, so that may be a factor, but I was not nearly alone…there was a Lt Col who was probably 38-40 in the class behind me. Good luck!

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