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A "what are my chances" and more RFIs:

-USMC Captain who's MOS (5803 - MP) is being cut in half looking to LATMOVE. Came into USMC as a SNA and Fallen Angel (DOR due to command reasons), LATMOVED to 5803, given the opportunity to LATMOVE out again but they decided to nix that.. So putting in flight package for UAS. So I already have cutting scores, career des'd, and my 14 hours of Naval IFS.

But, they are now cutting out the Pueblo part and I would go straight to Randolph? (Would be hearing about my selection in July and moving back stateside from Japan). If anyone has more information/gouge on what to expect so I can start studying now while COVID is keeping things to a low operation flow, that'd be great!

Semper. Fi.

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Currently in IQT (follow on from URT) and can shed some insight to the process and what I’ve seen so far. 

IFT was canceled for me due to the VID; straight to Randolph for RIQ/RFC courses. It is reinstated for 18x students last I heard. 
Painful for instructors and students alike. I was in one of two URT classes who had >90% with no IFT class. Instructors at RIQ expect some level of VFR and flying experience. Curriculum and standards were not adjusted for lack of experience, so the RIQ portion in T6 sims was trial by fire. 

RPA Next was being set up during our time there; looked like they’ll be shifting away from T6 focused initial qualification to a more UAS focused style craft for that initial instrument qualification. I was so heads down in the books just trying to survive that I can’t share any more info than the initial Randolph course should be more relevant to RPA ops for future classes. 

RFC was the follow on course to RIQ; both combined are the URT and culminate with earning your 18x wings. RFC was much more relaxed from a workload/stress level, and helps prep you for the IQT school by focusing on RPA fundamentals. 

Any questions please ask, but hopefully that helps with a 30k foot overview of the URT experience from the last 9 months timeframe. 

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