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TDY Gouge - Niger


Niamey, Niger - Grand Hotel was a dump! Stayed one night, thank god! We were in the bungalows, which left a lot to be desired. The air-conditioner worked well, but the bathroom was disgusting. One crewmember found a camel spider in his room when he turned his lights on. On a good note, the food at the grill was very good. I had the brochettes of steak, they were excellent. You pay for the food and drinks separately, I guess everyone has to make their own money. Bring cash, credit cards of any kind are NOT ACCEPTED!!

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Bring Landing/Parking fees for your aircraft. It's 50/50 if they demand it. But we couldn't leave until we negotiated with them for about 2 hours. For reference a C-17 for 2 hours is in the ballpark of $5K.

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