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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Here is the recruiting pitch of the Air Force: “Pursue your interests, find your strengths and elevate your skills while serving your country in the U.S. Air Force. We provide unparalleled career options, growth opportunities and challenges to set you up for success and bring out the greatest potential in every one of our Airmen.” -AF.com Here is the recruiting pitch for Air Force doctors: “When you become a doctor in the U.S. Air Force, you can care for your patients without the red tape of managing your own practice or dealing with insurance claims. Our
  2. Thank you for your constructive criticism. Until now, I have not considered the relationship between a passion for aviation and aerial combat effectiveness. I too am deeply concerned that we will not survive the next shooting war. Here are some more thoughts. I place a lot of value in retaining experienced pilots. Retention of experienced aviators is down and mishaps are up. Coincidence? Pilots with 10 years of experience are walking away from a bonus and retirement that is only 8 years away to start over with the airlines. What is the reason? I guess it doesn’t matter. I have a theory or two
  3. What’s wrong with the Air Force? Why can’t the Air Force change? I spent a lot of time soul searching this question: What is wrong with the Air Force? I spent countless hours wondering why the Air Force has a “pilot crisis”. I think about my fellow officers who separate at 11 to 12 years of service who are only 8-9 years away from retirement. Is active duty Air Force really that bad to prevent a pilot from continuing to retirement? Especially considering that pilot at the end of a UPT commitment is over half way there. Why can’t Air Force leadership change policy to snap us out of the rut
  4. Couple of FAIPs moved to between bases to be closer to home. (Family emergency type stuff)
  5. Most heavy guys teaching T-38s will be flying for Delta in 2 years. So, I guess that makes this a non issue...
  6. I agree, out of line... Sorry, bout that one...
  7. As a "filthy noobsauce", I understand completely the crap that former RPA pilots have to deal with. The number 1 issue is breaking through the stereotype.
  8. Question: Where do these crappy pilots go when you close the UAV pipeline? Do they just go away? Or do they go directly to your squadron? If the UAV pipeline is open, at least these "bottom feeders" arrive at your squadron with 3 years of experience in a squadron under their belt. Also, many of these "$hit bags" have actually employed weapons and killed for their country unlike c-130 pilots. (except for the occasional paratrooper who lands on his face)
  9. What exactly is keeping a pilot who tracked T-38s in UPT from getting into a fighter or bomber after their UAV assignment?
  10. UAV Article Excerpt: "UAV pilots will receive the “18X” Air Force Specialty Code. It will be a “rated” career field and require airmen to serve a six-year active-duty service commitment." I really find it hard to believe that a new rated AFSC for pred pilots was created with a 6 yr commitment while a UPT grad has to stick around for 10 years doing the same job... I think and hope they have other plans for the UPT guys.
  11. I was curious why they don't give predators with a follow on at assignment night. And I hope to god, along with many of my peers, there will be a follow on. So if you are a general reading this... take note Morale will improve drastically.
  12. The Air Force instructors at Whiting seem to think that same way you do. So they created "A-Forms". Essentially it was intended to be an attempt to "catch you back up" to the way Air Force Flys by adding 5 more formation flights to the program. But what it ended up being was a haze and if you don't perform you loose the 38. So, You spend that time studying for "A-forms" and preparing for a PCS.
  13. 38's are easier to get from whiting especially if you have prior flight time. If you have PPL/Instrument its a sure thing. BUT, if you do get 38s prepare for a haze at Vance. Air Force students, ips, sim instructors all think you are a crappy pilot when you show up day one. They think this because: 1) you don't know how an Air Force pattern works and you classmates do (a t-38 pattern is pretty much a t-6 pattern mirror image with the same concepts and radio calls) 2) you don't know the 11-217 3) You don't know tac form and your t-6 competition does (form check ride has the most
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