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  1. I’m just going to skip to the important stuff. Offered flying job: Feb 2021 MEPS: March 2021 FC Medical: April 2021 Doc approval: May 2021 Package sent to NGB: July 2021 Package approval:??? For the most part my journey has been largely pain free, but now at the last stretch before getting approved by the NGB (and finally getting my TFOT dates) my packet has been collecting dust for some reason. I had my recruiter reach out and she said that it is under review as of 09 SEPT. First off, what has my package been doing between July and September all this time? What is the typical review time? How long do they need to determine if a candidate is a Yay or Nay? Does this delay have anything to do with the new FY coming up? ie full stop of all work until October? This wait time is killing me!
  2. Where are you finding this info? I am kinda on the same boat. I am TBD on training dates and I am not sure which companies offer differential pay, looking to maybe jump ship from current employer.
  3. I think my case is a little different. I did my FC1A, Not FC1. I actually did this physical at my home base so they have the paperwork. I am not 100% sure of the process but I think the physical gets sent somewhere externally and those flight docs make a final determination and send it back to my home base.
  4. How long does it take to get your final approval on your flight physical? I did my FC1A back in early March and I am still waiting on approval before submitting everything to the NGB. I didn't need any waivers or anything so I figured it would be in and out pretty quickly. is it pretty common to wait this long?
  5. So by the sound of it, Looking at About 2 months TFOT at Maxwell 1 month IFS at Doss 6 months UCT in PCola 6 months FTU at Little Rock about 1 week of land and water survival each (is this similar to SERE but more tailored for Navs?) Finally 3 months seasoning at home base so it’s closer to 1.5 years of total training from start to finish?
  6. I don’t think I have ever heard 185 or 285 days, is this something new or has it always been the case? Unless the “ about 12 months” people refer to is lumping all the flying related training, I.e. IFS(1 month) +UCT(9 months)+FTU (3 months)= 13 months, not sure. for a slick c-130 what is the breakdown? So SERE is done at the home base, not Washington State?
  7. I have heard some mixed comments from people regarding to UCT and timelines for those that are picked up for Guard units. What’s the timeline typically for a CSO joining as a civilian assuming they start TFOT in September. I have heard 1.5 to 2 years and here is the breakdown I was given let me know if this is accurate. 2 months TFOT, 1 month IFS, 1 month SERE, 12 months UCT, 6 months specialized training, and 3 months seasoning Sounds about right? How often is are there “gaps” like is someone going to wait months and months for any follow on training?
  8. Not really. Your question answer seems to be more about the cumulative 5 year protection, that part is clear to me. My question has more to do with possible legal action from a company if you decide to leave them after they have been keeping your seat warm while you were gone doing flight training for 2 years. To simplify I work at Company X and I am picked up by a unit to become a Pilot. I take a 2.5 year hiatus with Company X so I can go to TFOT, UPT, Seasoning, etc. all the while Company X has a job lined up for me once I am back to part time status I return to company X and start working full time (while also doing part time flying drills at the unit) Company Y (completely different company) comes along and offers me a job. I take that job because I like it Can company X take any legal action against me for leaving them for another job after they basically kept my spot open for my return?
  9. Wow that's pretty brutal. Was it 1lb over the max weight or 1lb over the 5 pound "buffer zone"? Hope my question doesn't sound too confusing.
  10. How does that work exactly? If they are exempt from the 5 years USERRA rule, are they still considered USERRA protections?
  11. Hypothetical question from an aspiring part timer currently working as a full time civilian: Suppose I work for Company X and in that time that I work there, I join the ANG and go off to UPT for 2+ years. My understanding is Company X can't fire me while I am gone, because USERRA. Let's assume I return to Company X and a few weeks or months later Company Y approaches me and makes me an offer I can't refuse. I accept their offer and go work for Company Y now. Are there any legal implications with Company X at that point? I mean they were keeping my job for my return while I was gone for training right? So leaving because someone else offered me more money or a better position might look shitty. Can Company X take legal action for something like this? not so much because I went to UPT for 2 years, but for essentially calling dibs on a job in their company for 2+ years and then leaving shortly after. I'm really just wondering this as a CYA? I am in no ways planning on leaving my current employer, however, I don't have a crystal ball either. I know my career field is high in demand, and if something comes along that is just a better overall fit for me, it would be dumb to pass it up.
  12. I know this topic is in the “Aviation Medicine” category but I don’t really know where else to post. So I have been picked up for a guard unit and I am going to go to MEPS in the next few weeks. I am pretty healthy overall but when I took a look at my weight on a scale, I am about 3 lbs under the max for my height (max weight for my height is 180). I understand the AF says that you need to be at least 5 lbs under to join. I am not sure what my BMI is but I am relatively muscular, so I am guessing that is a contribution to my overall weight. In the scenario that you are either slightly under the max or over the max weight when you process through MEPS (say +\- 2lbs) will I need to go through MEPS all over again, or will they weigh me again when I go to OTS? I won’t ship off for at least another 8 months so I definitely plan to lose 10 lbs before then which I think is reasonable. I just want to make sure if this counts a “failing MEPS” and will delay me in getting my FC medical screening and ultimately delay my OTS date. Thanks!
  13. I have looked through multiple posts here and have a pretty clear understanding of the types of potential questions asked at an interview for a Guard/AFR Base. One that has stood out is "What are your career goals once you return to drill status?" Why do ask this specific question? Are they expecting most people to say "work for the airlines"? Assuming you were selected off the streets and were previously working your regular day job, you could just return to work at said job under the protection of USERRA. Do they want their pilots to work in a pilot related field even when not on guard duty? Is that how they stay current? I don't work in aviation currently, and while I have considered it, I do enjoy my current IT job. Any current pilots out there that work regular non-flying civilian jobs?
  14. I am in the process of applying to some Guard/Reserve units and even going to do un-sponsored Reserve for UPT. I know some places specifically require a PPL and others just "highly recommend" it. But realistically has anyone been selected to a Guard or Reserve unit without a PPL? I mean, I can probably afford it, but with a nearly 10k price tag, my bank account is most certainly going to take a hit. I am very much interested in aviation; my lack of PPL is not from a lack of interest in flying -I have accrued ~6 hours of flying so far- however, getting to nearly 40 hours is pretty much a luxury for someone like me. Anyone here been through a similar situation?
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