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  1. Does that question have to come from internal medicine or could we make a case for it?
  2. I wish, honestly. But I don't think that would make a difference because it just makes no sense to fail a PFT one day then pass an exercise challenge test which included 14 PFT's in a row, all of them normal, within limits. Signed off by the doctor internally too. The only thing that I think impacted the first PFT was my nervousness and tiredness. I psyched myself out and was only ever on hand held PFT machines. Not the machines fixed to structures where you have to adjust to it as opposed to the handheld devices adjusting to you. Is there some type of process where people can request retests at WP? Or is it over once the flight docs at WP sign it "no waiver recommended"?
  3. Just got the DQ from WP on asthma DQ. I have a SG waiver for general entrance, 2 negative methacholine challenge tests with associated PFT's and DLCO tests, but my 3rd day at WP I took a PFT and ed it up bad. I don't know if it was nerves or I was exhausted but I knew something wasn't going right during it but never given any hints of how I was doing. Also, apparently because I failed the PFT, I wasn't even supposed to go onto the exercise challenge test. But for some reason I did and accomplished it and passed it, without any of the problems I had with the PFT the day earlier. But now WP is telling me I have severe asthma and need to seek immediate medical care - one of the worst cases they have ever seen apparently. I'm at the end of the road now and am accepting that this isn't in the cards for me despite my best efforts. I just wanted to post this to see if anyone has any advice, any thoughts, knows of any possible way to fight this. I can't believe I ed up my one shot on that pft and the sucky thing is I can walk into my pulmonologists office and demonstrate a normal PFT. Is it possible to get back to WP and demonstrate a normal PFT? Or are asthma tests a one time only thing? Maybe there is too much risk associated with me because I failed the most basic test at WP? Do they think I'm cheating and bringing inhalers to my tests to pass?
  4. Yeah I'm still at WP, haven't seen the optometrist yet. I'm just going to stop bugging out over this until I see a doctor then lol. Also my PRK was definitely for myopia, the tech was rushing me so I wasn't the most confident in my answers..
  5. I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the results correctly. When I put my head into the machine and saw the lines line up, I said the lines line up at #9. Does this change anything?
  6. Thanks for responding! Yeah I failed DP for some reason, but did fine at MEPS. Not quite sure what the problem is right now. I read my chart and it read esophoria 9. Never had problems in life with strabismus or phorias but looks like I might have a minor phoria. Trying to go into ophthalmology tomorrow armed with as much info as possible.
  7. Since I had PRK, I had to do a contrast sensitivity test. I only got 17 letters, which worked out to something like 20/67, while the waiver guide states I need to be 20/50 or better for each eye. Does anyone have any optics on this specifically?
  8. Ok so running into some more hurdles. Failed the DP at WP miserably today. Then I went into a room with a tech and she made me read off of a Snellen chart that was barely visible. The letters were light gray, almost white. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. Northrop indeed offers 5 years of differential pay for the pipeline pilot's go through. I found a website that lists some good companies with good benefits. The list is from 2019 so hopefully no company has yanked their benefit. Click on more info on the right and scroll all the way down to see their differential policy. Best for Vets: Employers 2019 For-profit companies | Charts | Rebootcamp (militarytimes.com)
  10. This has finally been approved! Now onto the flight physical...
  11. Thanks for taking a look! Might just have to switch to another employer who is willing to offer differential for OTS/UPT/seasoning instead of hoping and praying. Honestly a little surprised no defense contractors are willing to do it except Lockheed.
  12. I had to call their military payroll specialist and specifically ask them "do you pay for officer training school and pilot training". This was after the job offer.
  13. On OTS and UPT orders, does it state that they are voluntary? I'm trying to figure out if my company will pay differential for training and seasoning. They will not pay for "voluntary" leaves, but will for training, just need to figure out the difference between the two.
  14. Confirmed, Boeing does not offer differential pay for OTS or UPT. Double checking Northrop's policy too.
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