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  1. This has finally been approved! Now onto the flight physical...
  2. Thanks for taking a look! Might just have to switch to another employer who is willing to offer differential for OTS/UPT/seasoning instead of hoping and praying. Honestly a little surprised no defense contractors are willing to do it except Lockheed.
  3. I had to call their military payroll specialist and specifically ask them "do you pay for officer training school and pilot training". This was after the job offer.
  4. On OTS and UPT orders, does it state that they are voluntary? I'm trying to figure out if my company will pay differential for training and seasoning. They will not pay for "voluntary" leaves, but will for training, just need to figure out the difference between the two.
  5. Confirmed, Boeing does not offer differential pay for OTS or UPT. Double checking Northrop's policy too.
  6. Can anyone confirm or deny if Boeing's differential pay policy can compare to Lockheed's or Northrop's?
  7. I'm debating a job with Raytheon as I wait for UPT since dates are pushed back 1.5-2 years. Wanted to see if anyone worked with them to see if their differential pay policy is similar to Lockheed's or Northrop's.
  8. Yeah I hope so. I'm meeting with my unit's flight doc soon to do a write up of my health history, this will carry more weight than some random civilian doctors. Really hoping for the best, should have some answers soon.
  9. Wow 6 times? That is ridiculous. Glad you eventually got through though. I've actually just learned that MEPS and SG HATE letters from doctors. Annnnd that is what I have been giving them for proof of these tests... Not saying it is a 100% thing but I really hope resubmitting all of my records and not just notes will put me on the good side.
  10. That's good to know. Although that would be a terrible excuse to deny someone off of the basis of needing to slow down the pipeline. And those are my thoughts exactly. It is such a low hurdle, certainly I can get past it. I don't want MEPS to tell me I can't fly. I want WP to do that.
  11. To preface this I want to say my dad was an AF officer and I was treated at military/TRICARE hospitals my whole life. This means I had to submit every single medical record in my life (about 300 pages). I just finished MEPS (was a battle to even get there, 9 months of back and forth, requests for additional information, the whole 9 yards) and my SG waiver just got denied for asthma, peanut allergies, and dry eye syndrome and I don't know why (there was no info on why it was denied). After I finished MEPS, the SG requested 2 more tests from me and said that I may meet waiver criteria pending su
  12. I think it's fine, he's just asking questions. It honestly depends on the unit. I've been to fighter boards where they only hired legacies that year. I've been to boards where they won't even invite the crew chiefs in and it creates drama. Honestly it depends on each unit. I don't have a specific formula for you but apply to them all and it will increase your chances. You'll start to see a pattern on which units tend to do that and which don't.
  13. Thread revival - I was able to get in contact with an enlisted personnel who is a liason at the AF SG office. This person said they work with waivers and have experience, so I asked them of my situation and got super confused all over again. They said it doesn't matter if you never had any symptoms after age 13, if you had an inhaler prescribed after 13 you are done. Is this the true definition of "history after age 13"?
  14. Has anyone found any other avenue on communicating where your package is in this process besides your recruiter?
  15. Trying to gauge if this is normal or not since I'm not a doctor who screens pilots but.... Is this a normal situation? It took me 9 months to get to MEPS. Dad was in the AF so all my medical files were in (AHLTA?) so I had to disclose everything. I had childhood asthma which was cleared by MEPS and a methacholine challenge test. They dug into my medical file and took issue with something I never had which was vitamin D deficiency. Had to get bloodwork for that to prove I never had it. So after that was proved and 9 months of waiting, they finally let me go to MEPS and I passed. Wai
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