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  1. What about Academy or nearby university ROTC liaison? Unpaid job paid I heard but it’s for points.
  2. Any other word on Guard units doing CPW other than OP?
  3. So does that mean those that are eligible for CPW will have to apply for it if they’re hired at a heavy squadron?
  4. I’d finish your ppl and expand your search from 3 hour drive to CONUS.
  5. Are you talking about the Accelerated Path to Wings program? Theres nothing in the AFRC guidebook about it anymore. I thought that the program was gone already? Are the two training bases doing that for both Guard/Reserves? Criteria was commercial multi-engine instrument from an AABI university. Which I currently hold and will be graduating from soon.
  6. Thank you so much! Been working really hard. Yea my nose has been in the books all summer. I took my AFOQT 2 weeks ago, I passed my CFII yesterday, and took the TBAS this morning lol.
  7. Took the TBAS. PCSM 98 300+ hours When blasting UPT applications should the flight hours on the PCSM score screenshot be updated to reflect current accrued flight time? Or would the hours on my resume/logbook scan suffice? Since I maxed the hours part is there a need to update it? Sure wouldn't want an inconsistency to be the reason why i didn't get invited to interview. Any prior Army enlisted that got a Guard/Reserve UPT slot on here? What did you do for “enlisted performance reports” when submitting an application? A lot of the units require them or a service equivalent as part of the application for prior service folks. EPRs don’t exist in the Army and from 2013-2017 there sure wasn’t a service equivalent. The only thing I have is my DD214. I never received digitally recorded feedback, like an EPR, on how I was doing as a soldier. The only physical paperwork I have is some pre-enlistment stuff, medical records, and 214 copies of my DD214. My Human Resources Command online record only has what I have plus IRR muster orders. Any suggestions? I have nothing to hide. No article 15s, no negative counselings/no letters of reprimand the Air Force calls them. The “periodic” physical paper counselings we’d get were backdated 6-12 months at a time whenever higher leadership had an inspection lol and then subsequently tossed. I had PRK at a military hospital 5 years ago. The eye surgery form that units want us to fill out is kind of impossible for me to fill out since I am no longer a beneficiary. Any suggestions about this as well? Is that form only for off the street civilians who got the surgery at a civilian hospital since FC1 at WPAFB will be able to pull my AHLTA? My other stats not listed above: Commercial single/multi instrument CFI CFII All first time passes including the 141 stuff Thank you gentlemen. edit: I was junior enlisted so I never had an NCOER.
  8. Yes you’re correct. Your math must be better than mine 😅 When I said I had to start college over, I really meant it. I transferred to an out of state aviation program so my Army basic training transferred as a health class and that’s about it. I had to take like 3 math classes, go figure thatd help my AFOQT. Got all A’s in those with calc so I knew I wasn’t dumb. Apparently there’s a flight joystick and rudder pedal shortage going on because of the new Microsoft flight simulator. Just in time when I needed to start prepping for the TBAS. The only ones available are the super serious set up ones that cost more than 10 hours in a twin. But yes I plan on taking the TBAS ASAP before i start my multi engine instructor certification. I know that a PCSM is required and a MEI isn’t.
  9. I completely moab'd the AFOQT the first time. Decided to enroll in a flight major because I wanted all the FW ratings with all the instructor ratings incase my scores weren't the best 2nd time around. #gibill My second attempt scores are: P99 N85 AA51 V37 Q64. I guess words are just hard sometimes. I haven't taken the TBAS yet after all these years after bombing the AFOQT. I plan on taking the TBAS before I start my MEI add on training. Thats the last certification im going for. I don't plan on getting the seaplane stuff. Im currently at 300+ hours and with a P99, I'm hoping for a decent PCSM. Practically starting college over really helped my gpa. I had a 3.0 from before and I currently have a 3.95. Schools about to start so I do need to keep the grades up. I plan on reaching out to my previous commanding officers for LORs. Would a previous flight instructor be better or the officers I worked with while I was in the Army? How bad does my verbal score look? Anyways, just thought id update y'all since ive been lurking these boards when I thought the dream was over.
  10. I have my CFI and Im currently working on my CFII MEI add ons. Would that help offset any thing like mediocre test scores? I understand that the boards may use the whole person concept but would extra pilot certificates help offset a weak area in an application? Would it be best to try the unsponsored route?
  11. Reenlistment bonuses are going to be astronomical in the Space Corps
  12. Having some poor weather down here in the south. Ive been looking for any excuse just to go burn some gas. I literally ran out of friends to show everything that Ive learned and my mom is not quite ready to go up yet lol. @WannaBePilot The PPL has been an awesome investment. Im sure when you take your wife up flying for the first time it will be all worth it.
  13. Is the tbas testing program available? I heard we aren't even supposed to have the flash cards?
  14. http://www.125fw.ang.af.mil/Portals/16/documents/Officer Vacancies/UPT Commissioning DSG 18-06.pdf?ver=2018-01-17-142005-347
  15. Im a prior service Army 68W (Healthcare Specialist/Combat Medic) E4 with an honorable discharge and reentry code 1. I served 4 years and recently separated this August. I do not have any article 15's or any negative UCMJ action. My previous commanding officers, (i.e. Company commander, Physician's Assistant, Scout Recon Platoon leader) have stated that they were more than willing to write LOR's in the future. I am 26 years old and I will be 27 in January. I do not have my Bachelors. I am back in school and I am pursuing my PPL. I currently have 14 flight hours. Obtaining flight hours is not the issue because I own an airplane. I will definitely be pushing the age limit by the time I graduate. I currently have an AA degree and I am more than 1.5 years out from even thinking about graduating. Ive contacted local units about the possibility of using my GI Bill for an aviation degree and then applying but my graduation date was too far out. However, I enrolled at my previous college and now I honestly just picked a random degree because it would get me a degree the quickest. The pilots from that unit and another across the state have told me that would be the best avenue of approach. Would it be best to make myself known to local units once I have a degree in hand with 201+ flight hours to increase my PCSM score? Or would it be best to try and get a packet together with a potential graduation date once I am closer to graduating even though I may have less than 201+ hours at the time. In all honesty, if I am not in class I will be flying the heck out of my airplane. I am certain that in the 1.5 years it may take for me to graduate that I will have accumulated a significant amount of flight time. With the unit being so close I can make my face known once I am closer to graduating or once I have my PPL.
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