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  1. Thanks guys for the responses. Not sure which base I'll be at yet but will start looking at nearby airports. At least I'll be able to bring one girl with me to UPT... the other one can't be moved quite as easily 😂
  2. Wondering if there is time on the weekends during UPT to fly my own plane? I would prefer it not sit in storage for a whole year so trying to figure out what to do with it. Also would flying General Aviation at the same time hinder training in any way?
  3. I'm not sure what the actual date of the July board was but I was told you hear approx 30 days after..
  4. Well dang that's a bummer. You dont lose banked Annual or Sick leave while you're on extended LWOP right?
  5. Do you still accrue Annual leave while taking Military Leave? I guess the idea behind taking annual leave to get in a pay status during a holiday pay period was that I could get a free 8 hrs of LH (holiday leave) at my GS rate, which is a lot higher than an O1 rate. Sounds like that may not work though from your experience?
  6. I am a current federal GS employee and will be going to OTS/UPT for the reserves. I plan on coming back to the govt job after transitioning to a part time reservist after seasoning. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks on maximizing the benefits while in training (i.e. how to clock/use Military leave, annual leave, and LWOP strategically your advantage)? Examples: Should you mix LWOP with annual leave? Use all banked annual leave at once so you earn more time off? Use a little annual leave every pay period so you're always in a pay status? Be in a pay status in pay periods with holidays? Etc? Hoping somone on here has previous experience with this and would be willing to provide some insight. Thanks!
  7. For the reserve boards they are requiring an FC1 before submitting now. My FC1 is only 1.5 weeks before the application due date so I'm crossing my fingers that I get my Fc1 stamped in time.
  8. Got sponsored by a reserve squadron, now just have to meet the AFRC board. Anyone know the exact date of the next one?
  9. Got cleared theough meps. Now I was told I'm waiting for SG approval before being scheduled for FC1. What is SG and how long does that take?
  10. Thanks. I'm not sure if I'm going to get all my medical stuff (MEPS and FC1) completed before the next AFRC board in January. Do I have to have everything completed and stamped before applying to the AFRC board?
  11. Is it true that if you are sponsored you may still not meet the Reserve board? (New to this, sorry if it has been asked before).
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