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  1. I was PC approved last week. I am an 11M C-130J guy that is at AETC right now. I was asking for exactly one year of ADSC (initial UPT 10 years commitment). I did have a reserve unit intent to hire which the functionals said really helps. Both Wg/CC & AFPC recommended approval based on the manning in J Model AC's and AETC. My app took almost 2 months at AFPC but only 4 weeks at SAF/PC.
  2. Mish Hacker, For what its worth, no one on the C-130 side at Dyess has heard anything either. At least none that I know of, but I'm TDY so I may be off the pulse. Back to your point, I'm really confused about how they went about notifying folks, or why they would wait to deny everyone that's going to be denied until next week.
  3. Mish_Hacker, I haven't heard of any movement at Dyess on the C-130 or B-1 side. Have you?
  4. Congrats to all that have been approved. My application is still pending, but now I've really got my hopes up...
  5. =It looks good to me. I like the funtionality. It just needs all the content (ie: job postings)!
  6. taking my written tomorrow morning... Chang the reasons for wanting out are as numerous as the opinions on the board. For starters, you can live where you want and not get bounced around the same bases every few years just because. This will only get worse as higher rank is achieved and you get further from the cockpit. AMC's (& C130 especially) idea of leadership is Q3'ing everybody in the squadron for any mistake (especially flap overspeeds of less than 10 knots). The light at the end of tunnel was the mil pension which was just cut and will likely continue to be a target for future cuts/changes. Oh and since sequestration, many pilots are averaging under 10 hrs a month, unless they're deployed and we enjoy our time in wonderful countries like Afghanistan so much...
  7. I thought the 147th was all RPAs. They still operate RC-26s? My UPT flight commander went there to fly RC-26s but I thought he had to cross over to UAVs. I'm from the greater Houston area and have always been interested in working at Ellington if I could Palace Chase.
  8. Ginger From our briefings on Dyess, if you VSP (& are approved), you will then have a DOS and can then Palace Front. If you are not approved, than can still apply for Palace Chase. Front what the in-serve reserve recruiter said, that folks in those overage career field are getting palace chase approval at a very high rate. That makes sense, since the AF would still be letting folks out but wouldn't have to pay any separation/VSP. Also, regarding repayment of the VSP if you go guard/reserve and earn a retirement: Finance airman said that they'll tax the VSP at 25% (I thought it would be based on your overall annual income). However, 100% of the VSP $ will be collected quickly if you go AGR, or at retirement if you stay TR. To me its still a good deal.
  9. Does anyone know if VSP causes any loss of certain benefits? One rumor I heard was that those who VSP will not be eligible for GI Bill benefits. That doesn't make any sense to me, but I wouldn't put it past our government to have such a rule.
  10. I don't think that is correct. If you have between 6 & 18 years of service, you will face a RIF board (meaning you can get separation pay). If you are less than 6 years, you will face a Force Shaping Board (no separation pay)...sorry if you fit in that category.
  11. What are the chances of a new hire getting an AGR gig? I would think that those positions generally go to TRs that had been with the unit for awhile. I was a FAIP about 2.5 years ago and when I left, it seemed like the reservist were getting screwed over with all kinds of pay/flight time reductions (which was going to put AD guys in a helluva bind). Before that time, it seemed like the reserves was a great job. How's the work life these days in a UPT reservist job? Outlaw
  12. I started a baseops league on CBSsports.com for fantasy college football.
  13. OH MY GAY!! I can't believe how much everyone has read into and torn apart an e-mail! As someone who received this e-mail 1st hand, it was half a joke anyway. My favorite part is that people complain about it being "leadership by e-mail" and then they analyze how they would have done it better. Whatever.
  14. From my conversations with casual Lts (and my experience as a casual Lt), its anywhere from 6 months to a 13 months. You can call AFPC at Randolph and ask them when his UPT class start date is and you will know for sure how long to wait.
  15. I work as an exec while on casual status and I've helped produce many packages for promotions boards. Believe me, having an OPR that says something good about you while you were casual can only help you in the long run. That is, unless you didn't do anything or did something really stupid.
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