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  1. I’m on orders and have just started getting random LESs for $80 or $160, all of which goes to taxes for some reason, starting in mid-November. Haven’t heard of any DSGs getting the fix yet.
  2. Our finance office said the raise was only for UAV pilots and ignored further requests to fix the issue. Good thing it’s out of their hands to solve it.
  3. University of New Hampshire is pretty good for a fully online mba. If you live in the area, you can switch between in class and online seemlessly. I actually got one after getting my Air Force bs square filled degree.
  4. When I separated, my unit had a 30 day wait policy for Mpa orders so that "the system" could catch up. I got lucky and we ran out of people to fill our alert so started orders on my first day. It took four months to get paid, though it was my biggest paycheck I'll probably ever see when I got it.
  5. My OPR actually did stick with original dates from active duty. It didn't make sense to me, but my unit did it that way too. In the end I had almost all bullets from what I had done on active duty (chief of Stan/eval) but a duty title that said pilot.
  6. You can get disability while in the guard. You just have to pay it back when you're on orders, be it for a month or for a tdy. I'm not sure about drill status. You can be a technician and receive disability. This should be covered in your TAP class if the instructors aren't worthless. I'm assuming yours were. I didn't ask about medical coverage. And no. I don't claim disability.
  7. I had similar problems with my squadron commander not signing it while I was deployed. I just called and emailed him daily for a month until he did. My separation date stayed the same but was a bit of a time crunch. A friend has almost identical dates to you, and he is still hoping for a November separation date.
  8. My wife and I did a pub crawl that starts by the university of London kinda south of it a bit. I can't recall the exact place, but from yahoo it's the first website under London pub crawl and advertised on most of the tourist maps they give away in hotels. It's still my wife's favorite vacation things we've done. For more wholesome adventures try Tower of London (only for history nerds... Wife wanted to gouge her eyes out) or the huge food market (on Saturdays) just south of there, across the bridge. It's pretty famous. Unlike Rome and many other European cities, I felt London closed early. Good luck getting into museums after 5 or dinner after 10.
  9. Good and bad news. Thanks for the current info guys.
  10. Does anybody have some recent data on approval of palace chase, or realistically a lack thereof? A friend of mine is a Captain passed over for major interviewing at our unit this week. He's an 11M in the 135. Does being once passed over have any bearing recently? I'd say he has the standard once passed over commitment left... Like 2.5 years or so.
  11. I bought a case of this in Germany recently and most definitely second this as one of the best beers around. I felt stupid buying something in Europe they sell here, but at 4.50 Euros for two I couldn't pass it up.
  12. Damn it. One of my best friends is there now. ######
  13. To those who went with Mr Trask up in Maine, when I did my Checkride and it my license he did not sign and endorse my log book. Apparently, not having that done in spite of having your license is a big deal to some airlines.... Sooo make your evaluator do that (which apparently they are required to do and i am probably the only person who didnt know) and also having 1 hour time in type and a Checkride in that plane might get you some funny questions to have a quick witted or intelligent response to.
  14. My best guess would be the beginning of the fiscal year. That said, when I separated my functional recommended approval based on two things (in spite of wing and squadron cc disapproval). What helped me was less than 1 year remaining and the fleet wide (maybe just AMC) KC-135 pilot manning be over 100%. No reference to 11M/X, local area manning, or quotas for the year in his comments. His boss's comments (the last stop for mine before SAF/PC) simply said concur.
  15. I had a similar situation where I was deployed, applied for palace chase while deployed, and was scheduled to deploy again 3 days before my separation date. I don't believe it was punitive in my case. I repeatedly told my commander and DO to get a back up ready since I was certain it would be approved, but the CC marked disapproved and thought that mattered so they did not. Long story short, it got approved, someone got screwed about 3 weeks prior and blamed me for baling on the team, and out of guilt (weakness?) I took a voluntary one with my old unit two months later.
  16. I got all 48 when I showed up, but aftps were prorated.
  17. I was an 01 kc135 pilot and palace chased last year w 10 months left and a friend with two years left got approved as well. That was last year though. Also, I palace chased while deployed using the aircrew exemption. I am also fairly certain the 180 days requirement was for enlisted only. My separation was about 240 days from when I applied and was approved with no issues. Mine took over month to get signed (talk about a leadership slow roll) and about 3 months to go through the afpc wickets.
  18. The 1288 can be signed by your gaining unit either before or after you apply with afpc and consequently get it signed by your various commanders. Some might say it will help you get approved. I got mine through with 11 months left and my guard unit endorsing it last summer. A friend got his through with over 2 years left without it a few months prior to mine.
  19. Scooter has been doing this a long time. Get a life.
  20. Yes. 2/3 of your 4 year ROTC commitment. Not your subsequent upt commitment.
  21. I did not, but I got 30 days of contingency orders beginning on my first day, so when those are up I will. I shouldn't be surprised by this, but it is absurd the non-ops/mx portions of the military are this out to lunch.
  22. I'm no expert on oconus assignments, but if you are currently overseas with pcs orders that rule doesn't apply. Also there is no time on station requirement to apply so theoretically you can show up and submit it when you sign in to your new base. I did. Nobody treated me differently, but I was very lucky in who the leadership was at the time.
  23. There was a civilian at grand forks named Roberta at the protocol office. She helped me deactivate a squadron. I don't know her last name but it is a small base and you could probably find her in outlook search. She had template scripts for everything.
  24. Thanks guys. I'll just roll with it an see what happens. Auto correct is so fun.
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