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  1. I don't see how Thule AB, Greenland doesn't win this one.
  2. Are you adverse to asking your recruiter this? This is one case where a real live person in the AFRS would have your best answer.
  3. You can request not to start OTS earlier than such and such date. You'll be fine. I was selected Sept 04, took the FC1 Oct 04, it was certified Mar 05, got a class date that week, reported to OTS at the end of May 05.
  4. No dude, sorry. If you are getting parking tickets, that means that you are parking illegally. If you are commuting that far, then you should be allowing yourself enough time to park legally and still get to wherever you need to be going on time.
  5. Geez, maybe flying is always that dirt cheap in Ohio, but it certainly isn't near that in most of Texas. C-150s at my flight school were $45-50/hr, C-152s (what I used) went for $55-65, and C-172s were $70-80. Things are even more expensive in the Houston area. And $15/hr instructors?? I have never seen one for under $30, and most are $35-40/hr. Most of my PPL training was in a $55/hr C-152 with a $30/hr instructor, so my total cost was somewhere around $4000. This is probably below the national average.
  6. Probably depends on the situation. There's only one way to find out...
  7. Unless you have a really old car (or paint job), then sun shouldn't be that much of a factor. Anything say 1990 or newer should be fine. But yes, a hail storm might be a problem.
  8. Bottom line is you should choose the major that interests you the most, so that years from now if things don't work out with the Air Force like you thought (medical DQ, change of heart), you can pursue a career in your degree area.
  9. backseatdriver is correct, PCSM is a fairly big deal for OTS/Guard/Reserve guys.
  10. You'll have to excuse the stud, I think he means 55-60 FWHP.
  11. Well, that's all up to you. Do you want to be a traditional panel Nav in a C-130? Want to be an EWO? Want to drop bombs in a F-15E or B-1? Are you OTS or ROTC? Neither is "more heavily recruited" in the civilian world, and I assume you're referring to the OTS route. OTS recruiters just want you in as a Nav, they won't try to steer you one way or the other. Myself, I'm going the OTS route (selected last September), and I still can't decide which track to take. I can't speak for your other questions.
  12. What AMF said. Here is the article talking about the changes at Randolph: http://www.afa.org/magazine/Jan2005/0105combat.asp
  13. Yes it's still the case. When I took it this past spring, I signed the same disclosure and there was a note on there saying you can take it another time after waiting 180 days. [ 30. November 2004, 14:46: Message edited by: Born a Longhorn ]
  14. If you're talking about applying through OTS then 2.5 GPA is the minimum.
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