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Is it possible to voluntarily transfer to retired reserve at 20 yrs?

I have a guy in my sq who has prior enlisted time (so it’s not a msd retirement). ARPC is telling him he can’t req retirement until he gets 20 yrs, possibly not until his 20 yr letter. If that’s true the earliest he can retire is after attaining 20 yrs:

+120 days to receive 20 yr letter

+180 days notice

=20 yrs & 10 months!


Anyone have anecdotal experience with this situation?

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I asked the question to ARPC. They said that the earliest to request transfer is when the members knows he will have 20 good years. IOW when he gets 35 points in that final year.
But you gotta make damn sure you have 20 good years before exercising this option bc the 20 yr letter will be published after you’re out.

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