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What Are My Chances — OLD GUY Edition

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Hello all!

I’m going to make this clear and concise.


- 30 years old 

- BA in Sociology - 3.0

- AFOQT - 93 Pilot, 96 Nav, 63 Verbal, 49 Acad Aptitude, 39 Quant

- PCSM - 71 w/ 22 hrs, 91 w/ 201+

- Have great LORS

- I feel like I have a pretty strong CL and a so-so resume 

- Submitted 4 apps so far for the Guard- 2 fighter squadrons, 2 heavies 


Thinking about retaking the TBAS in 6 months if I don’t get any interviews.

All opinions on how I’m looking are appreciated. 

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You’re not old anymore, there’s folks getting waived well into their mid-30s. The numbers look pretty good, I think you could get some interviews with those.

Finishing up that PPL though should be your top priority. Lots of guys younger than you will have at least that.

Idk about retaking the TBAS, you probably will get a good bump once you hit the 60-80hr block

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Not super competitive for fighters from what you’ve posted here, but your cover letter and resume could possibly make it up (job history/performance, sports, etc?) A visit (or two) in person could also push your name onto the interview list as well.  

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If you don't mind I'd like to piggy back on this thread as I am an old guy.

I'm 38, and this is more for my hypothetical dreams of, had I been younger would I have had a chance at a fighter slot? 

My AFOQT Pilot: 90, NAV 87, AA 74, Verbal 96, Quant 41, PCSM 98, with > 200 flight hours. I took the tests this year as I am applying for units that take old guys.

GPA: 3.88 with BS degree in Business.

Prior service with lots of leadership experience, CL and Resume are seemingly top knotch as I have been fortunate in my prior service career.

Personality wise I get along with just about everyone and I love humor.

From you experienced guys' perspectives, would a 90 pilot even be competitive for fighters? How about since it's offset with 98 PCSM? 

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Just my $0.02, which dont mean jack, but I haven't heard of many fighter units entertaining age waivers. Even with 99s across the board. But please feel free to prove me and anyone else wrong. If you were already rated in a previous life, maybe. Not to poop on your dreams, but fighters likely aren't in the stars for you. Don't let that stop you from trying, but I also wouldn't get your hopes up. You might have better luck trying with a heavy unit. Guard and reserve units are seeing higher application response than ever before, and with the current hire to UPT timeline, you're looking at 2 years wait. That puts you at 40, and like it or not, thats a gamble for any unit. Not trying to be a dick, just giving you my opinion based on what I've seen on here. I'm sure there have been older dudes hired in the past, just gotta find the right unit. 

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