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AD to ANG to back-door a denied waiver?

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Hey guys, 

Looking for some guidance for a buddy of mine. We are currently in UPT and he has managed to dislocate his shoulder and was medically DQ'd.

Unfortunately, he had dislocated it previously years ago and gotten surgery. The surgery seemed to have taken and he was granted a waiver. 

Now that he has dislocated it again he was DQ'd because of "shoulder instability" and was told by the flight docs that he is done. 

I can provide more details as required but the big picture question I'm getting at is; will the ANG be able to work some drug deal and approve him to continue training? Maybe through an ETP or somthing? (I have no clue what I'm talking about).

In other words, he lost his FC1 But can the loving arms of the guard pull him in and save his ass? Of course there's red tape with ditching his ADSC and them wanting a broken stud but is this in any way conceivable?

He's a good dude and maybe just grasping at straws but figured it was worth asking here.


Thanks for the help 

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Depends state to state what the state doc is willing to accept. It may be approvable but they might still say no. RPA is an option. I wouldn’t do it active duty though if I were him.

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