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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm applying active duty for the 2nd time. My first time was pilot only. I'm on the fence about whether to apply for all officer positions or pilot only again. My recruiter is really pushing for me to apply for all officer positions. I'm not sure I want to. Anyway, I have to redo my medical at MEPS and she has a new form for me to sign before I get there. It says, "I understand that I am going to the MEPS to join the Active Duty Air Force, take the oath of enlistment, sign a contract and I will enter the Air Force Delayed Entry Program (DEP)." I never had to sign a contract or take the oath of enlistment while at MEPS last time I applied for a commission. I asked her about this and she says "this only applies to enlisted applicants." If that's the case, why am I signing this? I'm paranoid about signing things after having been ripped off in the past, so if anyone can ease my mind about this, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
  2. I am a civilian off-the-street pilot select for an ANG unit. I've been transferred to an enlisted recruiter because he said I need to enlist first to go to MEPS and then go to Wright-Pat for FC-1, and then my packet will be sent to NGB. I was wondering if this is an aberration or if this is typical. I will be going this route regardless, I am just curious. Thanks in advance.
  3. Basically the title. Over a year ago I was prescribed a anxiety medication after a death in the family and my 7 year relationship breaking off. I only used it for less than 3 months, and I have a records stating that I'm in perfectly clean mental health now and it was just that time period...does anyone know if this prevents me from becoming a pilot? Thanks.
  4. Just had a quick question about the DD2807-2 you have to fill out for MEPS. There is a question that asks if you have or have any history of being arrested or other encounters with law enforcement. I'm guessing they left that part ambiguous as to try to elicit as much information as you remember. I know for the medical and criminal history I was trying to remember ANY time I've even spoken with a doctor or police officer. I put down as much as I can remember, but I'm wondering what they're actually going to be looking at. I am not so much concerned about my history as much as I am me forgetting about something that is a non-issue that I just put in the back of my mind. So here's the scenario (not my scenario, but much more serious than mine, and a buddy said I could use it): I was inside my mom's house as a juvenile when she was out of town. The neighbors knew she was out of town, got suspicious, and called the police. The police came, ordered me out of the house, and placed me in handcuffs until they could verify my story. Long story short, they verified my info and story with my mom, and told me that she instructed me to go home (to my dad's house) and that I was in big trouble. They laughed and said that it was better to be in trouble with her than the law, and that I would look back on this in months/years and laugh. Anyways, is that the type of story that should be disclosed to MEPS? Or is that something where you keep your mouth shut because it won't matter if they find it later anyways (since it wasn't a criminal activity)?
  5. Hey everyone. I am a newbie to this forum. Based off of what i've read so far you guys seem like an informative bunch. So, perhaps one of you may have some insight to contribute to my question. Here's my situation. I have had a life long ambition to fly for the Air Force. In one year I will graduate college with a BS in physics. I have a good GPA, no felonies, in great shape, etc. In a recruiters eyes I check all the right boxes for a Pilot hopeful. However, back in 2009 doctors found a small tumor in my shoulder. Long story short, the tumor was removed via minimally invasive surgery. Once out of me, the tumor tested positive for cancer. Good news is, since the docs caught it and removed the tumor early enough, not a single cancer cell spread into my body. I was announced cancer free in early 2010. I have been returning to my doc on a bi-annual basis to run scans. So far, no cancer in sight. Now I have done my research. I know the DoD says in general a history of cancer is a DQ but outside 5 years of treatment an applicant will be reviewed on a case by case basis. What I would like to know is if any of you guys were able to join under similar circumstances? How hard was it to get a waver? Were you (or someone you know) automatically PDQ'd from entering service. Any insight will be helpful. Thanks in advance
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