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Found 2 results

  1. This is what is RIGHT with the Air Force, they get it correct sometimes, and this time, they got it so right it will give you chills. Kuddos to Luke AFB.
  2. I was referred to this forum by a current active duty AF pilot. I am currently in the end process of the AF Officer application process and currently have a scheduled start date for OTS. There are a couple of things that have come up in the last couple of weeks that have raised some red flags regarding the information I have been given by my recruiter versus what I have been told by several current AF pilots as well as a flight instructor. I am wanting to fly, however my overall GPA from college is just under the 3.00 requirement (2.75). What I was told by the recruiter that I have been dealing with is that if I want to apply for a pilot slot, I would have to get in and apply for a GPA waiver a few years down the road. May AFOQT score in the piloting section was in the top 19%, my air battle manager score was in the top 13%, and my navigator section was in the top 15%. I also currently have logged flight hours and am close to completing my PPL. My question is two part. First, whether or not the information that I have been given by my recruiter is correct, or if the GPA waiver is something that I should have been able to get up front, which is what I have been told by everyone else. Second, if it is something that I should have been able to get up front, is there anything I can do to pursue that since I already have a scheduled OTS date for a non-rated position, and if so what avenue do I need to take? I appreciate any advice/information that anyone can give.
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