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  1. New prototype fighter already flying...
  2. Guard. Active duty assignments are given out during the B-course.
  3. Bucket

    F1 Thread

    F1TV is pretty cheap for a month, maybe $10? It shows the entire weekend: both practices (FP1 & FP2) on Fridays; FP3 and qualifying on Saturdays; Race on Sundays. It also has multiple viewing options... You can watch the official race coverage, individual driver in-car cameras, the lap & sector timing (really good for qualifying), the map view, and the pit-lane channel which is a combo of all the above. Best bang for your buck would be to start this week since there will be 3 races in 3 weeks starting this weekend! Good luck; I got addicted last year and now watch pretty much everything with multiple screens. Pretty cool for qualifying and the races.
  4. Safety Report is out. Ask your local FSO to pull up the brief from AFSAS. Him Him
  5. I had an extremely positive experience with Dave Nichols of NBKC. First time homebuyer, 30yr VA fixed @ 3.25% and $4,300 lender credit. He also had a pretty sweet deal if you were/wanted to be a Costco member.. The credit and fees showed up on the line by line, and Dave was able to explain everything I had questions about. I couldn't be happier with his willingness to answer my questions promptly; I thought dealing with a CONUS bank would be a lot tougher than it was, but there was never a time ) where I was waiting on an answer from him for more than a half day. Can't say enough about how patient he was after I put in an offer on one home, got the inspection done, nope-d out of there real quick and found another home. I closed just at 6 weeks from the time I put in the offer on the second home. Overall, an extremely pleasant experience that both I and my realtor were very pleased with. Dave Nichols Dave.Nichols@nbkc.com913-945-2576
  6. At Vance, our casual LT flight commander requests the waivers... If you have your PPL, you'd talk to her and she requests/fills out paperwork. Last I heard, it takes a week or two to go through. I had a good time at IFS; I was the last class to go through without the waiver. It was the first time I'd ever gotten to fly multiple days in a row and it wasn't all that stressful. Sure, it probably won't help a TON with UPT, but it's a low to mild stress environment with pretty good food and you get some time in a neat airplane. If you've never flown the "military" way before, it might give you a really basic understanding of the pattern, departures, arrivals, and checklist usage (challenge/response, callout items). It's also a good way to learn to do things the way you're told and not how you were taught in the past. Overall, a solid program, fun flying, you'll make money, and the food is good. If you're casual and just sitting around, it might be a good deal to go. If you're married or flying on the weekends, you probably don't wanna go. If you haven't flown in a long time, you might wanna go just to knock the rust off. Just my .02
  7. I took the survey a few weeks ago. All of the scenarios had answers that one could consider "right." One of them was basically, "Your family doesn't have any food due to XXXX. Some rich guy is hording it. Do you steal it, confront him about it, or do nothing?" Seriously, the questions and answers were ridiculous. You could consider most of the options as the "right" answer; they depend on your personal opinions/views/whatever. The whole article is a stretch.
  8. No; my right eye has been a little worse than 20/70 uncorrected for a while now. I guess I managed to squeak by (aka, a flight doc who was patient) during my FC1 here at the Academy, because I didn't need an acuity waiver for my FC1 to be approved. My eyes have been stable (refractive error, acuity, etc) for the past two years now, so I got contacts a month ago.
  9. Is it FCI or FCII? I don't think my right eye will meet the 20/70 un-corrected distance vision requirement when I do this in UPT this coming October. I didn't need a waiver for it for my initial FC1 at the Academy. I guess I'm curious what'll happen if I get there and can't pass the acuity test. Got contacts in January, plan on wearing them for pilot training if that means anything
  10. Hey all, I'll be moving to Vance towards the end of July this summer. I was hoping to get some updated info for on-base housing or the local market. I'll be married, but my wife is staying in Mississippi to finish up nursing school. I registered over at ahrn.com and started lookin around.. Are the Pinnacle privatized houses still being updated? What kind of wait can I expect for on base? And would yall recommend on or off base for a UPT stud? Thanks a ton
  11. Bucket

    Latest Movies

    we lowly cadets here at USAFA got a pre-screening of "Red Tails" today and yesterday. It was an average movie, pretty bad CGI, not a good plot. Nothin really special, probably not worth most of yall's time. I'd give it a 4/10 ** And just read the previous poster's comments, passed right over them before. Just wasn't very well done
  12. By "will," does that mean nearly 100%? Just had my grad physical at USAFA today and my right eye visual acuity was 20/200 and Left was 20/50. The flight doc said that AETC "usually" gives them, so i was just curious if i have a good shot at bein waivered. now we play the military's best game, hurry up and wait
  13. i scoured the past 7 pages and couldnt find an answer, so here goes: I'm at USAFA and just had the eye part of my grad physical today.. My prescription has refractive errors as R -2.00 and L -1.25, and i know that the right eye is out of the -1.50 limit. But my doc congratulated me on being PQ (i passed my depth perception test on the OVT for the first time today, and i assume all my other eye measurements are w/in limits). So did my doc make a mistake, or do they only consider your best/worst eye? in my case, my left eye is w/in limits, but right eye isnt. thanks for your help
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