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  1. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    Just picked up my first AK, it’s a PSA AKV, 10.5” 9mm. Got it out to the range yesterday and it’s a blast to shoot, put 350 rounds through it and had zero issues with what I’d call gen 1.5. I put a Bushnell red dot on it that nicely co-witness with the iron sights.
  2. Second this. It’s taken a beating from me as well and held up great.
  3. It should be a good movie. But I’d have to agree with M2 on that Rush is one if not the best racing movie Hollywood has put out.
  4. Saw it’s posted on TPN. Let the firing commence.
  5. IF you really want out figure out how to get not promoted and decline continuation.
  6. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    If you are looking for a 22 conversion for your AR, then I’d check out primary arms for when they put the cmmg bolt conversion with mags on sale. Another option is to look at getting a dedicated 22 upper for your gun for a little more money. That way the barrel will stabilize the 22 round coming out of the 1:16 twist vs the 1:7-8 twist rates of most 5.56 barrels. The 5.56 will stabilize it some but the round will start to tumble if you are trying to be super accurate with it. As for the right hand left eye dominant issue, I’ve been there with the same issue. Still shoot that way most of the time when I’m shooting my pistols. Don’t have that issue when I’m shooting with a scope, but that’s taking lots of practice for me to be able to close my left eye to do it. Good luck.
  7. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    Are you taking about a Ruger 10/22? As for optics that won’t break the bank it depends on what you are wanting to do with it. For around a $100 you have plenty of options for basic to 12x magnification stuff.
  8. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    Just got back from the range with it. Put about 100 rounds through it with only 1 FTF and that was in the first few rounds. After that nothing else. Ran CCI mini mags through it, bulk federal, and some 40 gr round nose Winchester designed for the MSR 22’s. I will say the trigger is really smooth for this gun, granted i haven’t shot any 2 stage triggers or some really fancy match triggers. For shooting iron sights at 50yrds the MBUS wasn’t bad. The adjustments on them are a little different but not bad. This one will definitely get regular rotation when I go out for sure.
  9. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    Yeah that front MLOC panel is nice to have. I’ve got a cheapo bipod, that works well also, I put on my 10/22 that I use on my AR as well so I can just swap parts from the AR to the rail.
  10. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    JS, thanks for the info. I’m going to try a few different rounds through it as I know it can be picky on ammo. I love shooting my 10/22 that I have spent the time making it almost perfect for me. Eventually I’ll put some kind of optic on the 15/22 as well. Will post up my thoughts on it once I get out to the range/desert to shoot soon. First a good cleaning for it tonight.
  11. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    I’ll share my new gun since M2 posted the you’ll shoot your eye kid. Picked up an M&P 15/22 at the end of Feb From PSA for a good deal. Not as good as they where running over black fri with red dot and carrying case but still. Plus S&W is runnning. a $50 rebate on rifles fir mil folks. Always wanted a dedicated AR in 22 anyway. Plus the kids can step up to this one next. Edit I’ll take it out to shoot it off the boat and hope it doesn’t get lost in the lake like the rest of mine.
  12. While I do understand the freed of it every year. I see it used on people who need it. But my one caveat to it would be that the CC would be required to be there and run it as well. But let’s be real here that’s not going to happen. I died laughing reading that. So very true on all accounts.
  13. You are correct. I forgot about that one. Ahahah. This is all a big joke. The only thing I even like that Enlisted Jesus said was the random test.
  14. Here’s what I would like to know. If the supposed goal of this is overall heath and healthcare cost. Then why isn’t the waist measurement, which is how they check BMI correct?, not done during our yearly PHA? I can tell you that a good amount of PT failures for men under 29 is from the run. While I think we need to keep the test the way it is, hell I’d love to see it go to a 5k obstacle course, OCR style, run where it’s a total body test. While this guy my name good at what he does he is by no means the end all for the AF test. I’ve see guys who are major power lifters get pushed out cause they don’t meet what the charts say as for height/ weight even though they are in a different condition than 99% of the rest of us. This is should be coming from the medical side of the house not the fitness side driving it.
  15. The video is a classic one. Have that one safely stored as well.
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