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  1. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Long live Midnight Hot. How that was some of the highlights of being up late over there.
  2. Latest Movies

    It wasn’t bad. It’s free for Prime members so watch it that way. Don’t go into it expecting American Sniper type but it’s not bad.
  3. IRC (Instrument Refresher Course) Info

    Perfect. I’ll ask mine once they finish the end of fy stuff.
  4. IRC (Instrument Refresher Course) Info

    Thanks for the info. Now how does this effect the folks who already took it before the reg changed? So instead of taking it in the 1st qtr of the new year I don’t have to take it till almost the end of the 2nd qtr?
  5. IRC (Instrument Refresher Course) Info

    When did change happen? Cause it is for the better for sure.
  6. Flight Pay increases

    Looks like Big Blue is finally raising our flight pay . 6 years only gets a $50 increase while the 14 year guys goes down to 12 years now at $1k. But we have to worry about our guys being able to jump to the airlines at 750 hours.
  7. You mean we are almost 9 months out from the release of the FY18 announcement and 11 months out from the date you can sign up. You are correct though when they can't even get the bonus out on time to get guys to stay. Gee I wonder why people aren't taking the bonus? Maybe we don't even take them seriously anymore when they aren't trying to get guys to stay in longer.
  8. Kinda late for this idea. How long have we been saying do something like this and get laughed at? Oh and it's still up to Lt Gen Grosso to help approve this so that's a nope not going to happen. Let's just keep passing over our pilots and keep on pulling harder back on the stick as the pilot manning continues to increase the graveyard spiral that we are currently in.
  9. Holloman AFB

    That closed. Replaced by a joke of a "strip" club. As for Mad Jack's BBQ I've had way better in Tx, Ar, and Tn (Memphis). It's not bad but there is better places out there. But that's my opinion. There is a lot of outdoor stuff to do there. We stayed at Las Ventanas with a lot of the married studs going through the RPA school house. There are a few crash pads there. Shouldn't have a hard time finding a long term rental there either. I ended up getting my commercial glider license while I was there with the glider club. Great group of folks to fly with.
  10. Defense Attache

    I can second that. It just goes to the office and it's either an enlisted or a civilian that answers. But call it and ask the questions. They should be able to help out.
  11. Promotion and PRF Information

    It's no later than 6 months from the release date. You can set one up sooner if you would like. Which I would expect nothing less than that from guys who want out.
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    If the Air Force is smart about this new process, who are we kidding they will screw this up also, they will give each wing x number of slots that the wing king and use to fill. Then the rest the AF does some mind blowing process to fill the rest.
  13. More Uniform Changes!

    I don't know about AETC but ACC has approved them for non ejection seat guys. But you have to wear the patrol cap, wings on your chest, ir flag on the right sleeve. Biggest kicker is that you can't stop off base in them, and that you have to already have them issued to wear them. The unit can't buy them for you to wear at home station.
  14. That's how the AF did it back when Corpus was still open. Very fair imo.
  15. Promotion and PRF Information

    Yes they are. Due soon to the wings iirc. Which will make for sure interesting quick turns on guys who will sadly probably be passed over again since there hasn't been any time to fix anything that could help make them stronger. After this board in dec the next one will be in a year. Don't know why they delayed the 05 board a year only to speed up the following 4 year group boards. They did delay the 04 Lt Col boards though.