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  1. Or the black like the Army? I still want to know who thought it was a good idea to make most of our ranks be that spice brown so you can’t tell what they are until it’s too late?
  2. I’m in a similar boat, I’ve got 5 left to retire and 2 on my latest PCS. But talking to my buds in the airlines they are/ have taken a pay cut since they lost their jets, or going to be looking at furlough come oct. Even talking with a good bud right no he agrees sticking it out for the check of the month and medical is worth it for the safety blanket if and when something like this happens again. As for taking the bonus, can’t pass up free ish money. But you can’t turn down the 365, but if you where a free agent and got it at the 18 year point you’d be in a tough spot. I’d say stick it out take the money and either pay off things with it or set up a nice nest egg for when you need it. But that’s just my .02.
  3. I know you couldn’t in 6.0. So I’d have to say that’s a no for 7.0 as well. As soon as you finish one self study course you can sign up and start the next. The only hold up was waiting for the allied classes to start. Now I did have success in getting them to let me move on in the self study while waiting for the applied to start.
  4. Do you want to get a masters? Or just knock out ACSC? If you want to get the masters then do it and get credit for both. It should take about 18-20 months start to finish. I did it right at 30 months or so and took som time off of it, granted it was the captains course. I then knocked out ACSC 6.0 in less than 4 months with the classes I had to take that was left over from the OLMP. Even then 6.0 was easy. I’d expect 7.0 to be about the same.
  5. John, thansk for all you have done here. That was a very good article explaining just WTF has been going on. Crazy to see VA above conventional right now. Especially since some of us are moving due to the gov telling us to, so in theory we should be good on employment for a few year for sure. these are crazy F’ing times for sure.
  6. Sad cause it was only the honest truth being spoken there by the masses. Guess the Bobs didn’t like it.
  7. Went up 113 for an O4 in Vegas. But last year it went down from the previous year so this bump is good. More than what you made in 18.
  8. Don’t forget the profit sharing and auto 401k contributions as well with those numbers. Big blue will never come close to those. Also they say we are over manned in the FGO’s I’d know how when all the O-4’s are running out the door just about.
  9. Let’s not forget that this number is inflated due to the 11U folks taking it at a higher rate then the rest. Plus most of AMC that took it are all in school or staff.
  10. There’s this news story that came out of AFA this morning. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/09/17/air-force-institute-new-fitness-requirements-commanders.html about time that they hold CC’s responsible for the overall fitness of the unit.
  11. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    You can still CC there. Just no open carry even if it’s legal. Curtailing selling some types of ammo will just move my business else where till I get back to TX or near an Academy Sports.
  12. Last update that I saw had it right at 40% and that was posted last week. The bomber/rescue/rpa folks are the ones who are bumping that number up some. The rest are all in the 30% range. As for if that shows the ones who took it again I don’t know. I do know that when the FY starts is takes into account all who are eligible in that FY.
  13. cragspider

    Gun Talk

    Just picked up my first AK, it’s a PSA AKV, 10.5” 9mm. Got it out to the range yesterday and it’s a blast to shoot, put 350 rounds through it and had zero issues with what I’d call gen 1.5. I put a Bushnell red dot on it that nicely co-witness with the iron sights.
  14. Second this. It’s taken a beating from me as well and held up great.
  15. It should be a good movie. But I’d have to agree with M2 on that Rush is one if not the best racing movie Hollywood has put out.
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