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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Don’t forget to add in the large numbers of 11M’s who where sent to go fly droids to help out that problem. Which is only going to get worse in the next few years as they want to increase the numbers in the 18x career as well. Like it’s been stated here and over at TPN QOL is a big part of it but money is also a factor when you get them both the airlines are hands down the best thing when guys are wanting QOL with the pay that goes with it.
  2. Gun Talk

    I’ll post it here. It was shared by the Creech WG/CC.
  3. Gun Talk

    Looks like you can now carry to and from base at Creech/Nellis per the ABW/CC. The letter was posted on the fb page today.
  4. I doubt it, you give them to much credit. I would expect to see it by Jun but at this rate who knows anymore.
  5. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You are correct. But if we stop the Phoenix programs how will AMC know who the shinny penny’s are? Well I’m sorry if you have limited command billets. Look at the RPA enterprise. They have very limited billets. But they seem to have a problem with messing up the communities that they show up at. Now I get doing the Phoenix program as a young guy but bring them back to where they started. I’ve seen to many guys come into places and have a problem with flying tac vs just flying strat missions.
  6. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    He might be. But the Herk community has had a rash of C-17 dudes that come over and start messing things up. Now the big question is to how can we stop this silly trend in AMC?
  7. Gun Talk

    For all you 1911 buffs out there. The CMP just received 8,000 from the Army. It will be at least 60 days before they can start opening crates and looking at them. But I’d expect the order forms to be available soon after that. I’m going to try and get my one for the year and call it good. But to have an official issued one in my safe will be cool.
  8. myPay down

    Anybody think its a ironic that the day the gov shuts down is the same day that our W-2's are available and myPay is currently unavailable? Or did we just simply overload the system with us all trying to get our W-2's so we can get our money back?
  9. Promotion and PRF Information

    It’s showing mid to late March on mypers. It’s only 3 months from when the board finished. Until they start rolling it back like the 06 guys results then I really wouldn’t worry about it right now. But it still has to go through the wickets.
  10. This is more on point with how out of touch big blue really is. We all saw it when they upped the 6 year pay by a measly $50 pre tax. They should be paying the $1k at 10 so they can try and keep guys in when they are making their decision points on to stay or not. But alas they missed that chance and like you said they will reap their consequences of the poor miss management of this.
  11. Overseas PCS and your cars

    Sorry don’t know much about Italy other than they drive like maniacs there. You could check out aviano’s official page to see what they have listed for newcomers.
  12. Overseas PCS and your cars

    I can tell you that in Germany you don’t have to do much if any modifications to your car. Now jolly ol England you will have to do some mods to it. When we sent both of our cars over nothing happened to them as for dents and dings, but I’ve had friends who have lost their cars due to fires on the transport boat coming back. As for Japan i wouldn’t even bother taking it over.
  13. I found the pdf, while it should be official now check out the fmr 07a that is referenced in the pdf. It isn’t up to date as the dfas pdf is. I would bet that the fmr is the base pay reg and not what dfas has listed. The $800 at 6 years is the step in the the right direction along with the $1,000 at 10 vs 12 years. But like we both said it is dod fiance.
  14. While it would be nice if that was accurate and we would get the back pay, my herkish math I’d get back $2,700, I’m not holding my breath on this one. I’ve check for that table and the DoD reg I’ve found off the source site doesn’t show the updated tables. If I could find it I’d walk into the local finance shop and bring this up so I can do the press to test on this.
  15. New BAH rates are out.

    I was going to ask if any announcements had been made about the 2018 rates, but low and behold after I woke up from working mids they announced it today. News article about it . Looks like an O-3 with dependents in Vegas gets a 9% bump which is good considering the housing market here is going up.