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  1. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I’d say over again by 3 months from the original date they should have the results by.
  2. cragspider

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Yes it is. From my understanding is that the CC has to send a memo to the fac saying that they are going to test in house. So once that happens I don’t see why you would even have to wear them unless your ptl is being silly about making you wear it.
  3. cragspider

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Champ I agree, we have other things to worry about than what the service dress will be since we rarely wear it. But if we are going to change it bring back the old school style jackets, in either the older bluish grey that the AF started out with or the Pink and greens old school AAC style. While the older blue one wouldn’t require as much change for most of us anyway if we keep the same blue shirt as well Now we do have something to complain about the pt shirts. They do suck and should have been made out of a wicking fabric a LONG time ago.
  4. I won’t take credit for this cause it was on the MAF fb page but thought the masses here would like to read this literary work. Ballad of the Blue- Functionals, Commanders, hey anyone! Can someone tell me just what's been done? I've emailed, I've called, and text. Can't get a reply and I'm vexxed. Did I mention I'm currently deployed; Also got my first kid on the way. Motivation is deftly destroyed; and then this is what you don't say. "Sorry Shane but big blue has got needs; we need you to click on this mouse. Yeah you signed up for flight deeds; but it's vital to hold up the house... ..of cards that we made paper thin; This shortage has got us confused. We just wanna fly, fight, and win; So here comes the fraud/waste/abuse. Ten years, we need after you train; we get thirteen when you're done. The KC-10, yeah that's your plane; hard work but hotdamn is it fun. Five deployments then up to IP; Four years flew by just as they should. You want the U-2 oh I see; Here's an RQ-4 grand forks just as good." Okay I get it I can color; I'm gonna do a good job you'll see. And I'll earn you every dollar; Guess what now I'm a 2x IP. Getting close to that commitment now; Certainly prefer to be up in the blue. Bring me back to the -10 was the vow; But now I need contract anew? 4 out of 13 just doesn't math; It seems like a waste of millions. Sagan was on the right path; I'm just one of billions and billions. To be honest I'm quite happy to fly; maybe well beyond 13 years. But not strong-armed ADSC why? Just treat me right and no tears. Hello? I called Randolph 3 times; Commander on leave in the boonie thickets. No facebook love I'll try rhymes; but all I hear is.....crickets.
  5. Yeah, from what it sounds like none of the MAJCOM A1’s where coorded on the new AFI. So maybe that’s why they are reviewing it? Who knows, but you are correct it is the letter of the law.
  6. I’ll share this with the group. It was posted on the MAF fb page that the AFI is under review at HAF. Once that review is complete it will be shared with the group. So hopefully all of our gripes and issues with this change can be at least heard and possibly addressed. However I’m not holding out much hope for this change to be reversed. While with the number of folks saying that they are going to 7 day opt and walk hopefully that will open their eyes to the stupidity of this new change.
  7. cragspider

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    At least you have the squadron patch on the right for now. Per the reg it’s supposed to go on the left. Don’t forget we will now have to get Velcro sowed on them for the wings to be attached. I’ll second this shenanigans on the patch set up. Don’t know why we had to go like the army and the staff dork who did this should be flogged for this. Hopefully we can get a changed pushed through in a subsequent uniform board if enough of us say we have lost our heritage with this new change. Hell we now have to wear a name tape on the back of the patrol cap just like the army. Don’t forget we now have to get another price of Velcro put on both the OCP and the A2C2 for our wings to be attached.
  8. I’m still in the RPA world for a few more years. I can comment that the current functional is getting guys back to manned on a time line. Just about every time he comes to base to talk all his briefings are just about all 11x guys and UPT-D guys asking him about going back. Hell global strike isn’t letting they guys they have in rpa’s stay if they wanted to. Most of us should be back in the cockpit by 21. There is a list of the return to fly folks and so far they have stuck to that timeline decently. Now they are holding recat boards now vs just letting guys say I want to stay in the rpa world. But most of the guys they are really targeting in the board are guys who have been out of the cockpit for a long time and have a high time in service for now. Plus like the new adsc issues they do want a return on the investment of getting you requalled back in the jet. Now on the 18x kids leaving after their initial commitment I can see most of not all of them walking away to go make more money or do something else. Some of the saving grace for this community will be the prior E guys who are coming in now. However those won’t be enough to stem the tide of the initial 18x folks who will leave sooner and not stay on past the 6 years. It’s also telling when you have academy folks taking the rpa assignment as a shorter way to pay back the school time vs going full pilot.
  9. cragspider

    Anyone missing a C-130 prop?

    Blades are way to flat to be off a flying plane. That’s unless they somehow magically went to ground stop when it fell off. But I agree it’s probably off a truck.
  10. I can tell you unless you have rpa experience it’s hard to get into it some times. The hiring goes in cycles as to what they are are looking for in folks. But having a current clearance will help some.
  11. cragspider

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Yes, maybe they will do a better job than the last one.
  12. cragspider

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Shocked that the functional even reached out to you at all even if you started making waves. We all know the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  13. cragspider

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    No can do Champ. Why would you expect them to do something like that? They have to keep some kind of green boot line going. I do agree that we should ditch them and go back to black boots with the black shirts.
  14. cragspider

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    I agree 100% on this. That was the only thing that really bugged me about the bag. Was the fact I had to take it to get not only frank stiched on but also all the Velcro. Plus depending on what unit I was with I either got it covered by the unit, the riggers/afe did it for us, or I have to pay out of pocket for each one 😡. So here comes the OCP where if I have the tapes and rank already it’s go to go. Not now. Plus let’s make you get new patches for it even though what we have for the desert bag works just fine. That and the flag thing really annoys me. Why can’t it be the standard color flag like the Army wears in the states but on the left or if you have the IR one you can wear that? How much more money are we going to waste on this new uniform even though we’ve been wearing it for what 6 years downrange now?
  15. cragspider

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    While I’m looking forward to getting to wear this. I don’t like the fact that we went the lazy way and just copied the Army with how they lay out their patches. But do like how folks can now wear the combat patches they earned with the Army on their ground deployments. What was wrong with the way we’ve been wearing the patches on the bag so far? Plus now I have to go and get Velcro sowed onto the top for the wings now.