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  1. cragspider

    New Fitness Rules

    While I do understand the freed of it every year. I see it used on people who need it. But my one caveat to it would be that the CC would be required to be there and run it as well. But let’s be real here that’s not going to happen. I died laughing reading that. So very true on all accounts.
  2. cragspider

    New Fitness Rules

    You are correct. I forgot about that one. Ahahah. This is all a big joke. The only thing I even like that Enlisted Jesus said was the random test.
  3. cragspider

    New Fitness Rules

    Here’s what I would like to know. If the supposed goal of this is overall heath and healthcare cost. Then why isn’t the waist measurement, which is how they check BMI correct?, not done during our yearly PHA? I can tell you that a good amount of PT failures for men under 29 is from the run. While I think we need to keep the test the way it is, hell I’d love to see it go to a 5k obstacle course, OCR style, run where it’s a total body test. While this guy my name good at what he does he is by no means the end all for the AF test. I’ve see guys who are major power lifters get pushed out cause they don’t meet what the charts say as for height/ weight even though they are in a different condition than 99% of the rest of us. This is should be coming from the medical side of the house not the fitness side driving it.
  4. cragspider

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    The video is a classic one. Have that one safely stored as well.
  5. If you get married after you are over there is some paper work for your commander to sign then send to mpf to get the new spouse over there command sponsored. If I remember correctly it may tack on an additional year due to the cost of getting her and stuff there. But if she’s there already or doesn’t need stuff it might be different. Talk to the mpf about it.
  6. cragspider

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Same thing could be said of having enlisted patches. But now we have them in multiple communities. I don’t see namings happening in the MAF for other reasons besides enlisted aircrew, primarily it’s not part of the culture or heritage of them.
  7. cragspider

    Finance Problems

    For the conversion fees. I’d include what citi charged you for them. Not what Oanda uses. While it’s a nice site for daily rates I’d go off what citi actually charged you. Kind of hard to argue with what the card charges. As for the rest good luck. I know you used to be able to claim atm fees along with cash advance fees, but knowing the penny pinchers in the gov they stopped that little niceity to save a few bucks
  8. cragspider

    New BAH rates are out.

    Down in $58 for O-4, $33 for O-3 all with dependants in the Vegas area as well. Crazy though that our rental market it going up up up. There is no way someone out here could even use BAH to pay for rent and utilities unless you want to live in the bad sections of town. Now that McCain is gone, can they make the 95% go back to 100%?
  9. cragspider

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Second on the leather. It would be nice to get the Massif issued in my neck of the woods but the wing/ra is being a pia and comes up with some bs. But then again we are afraid of passing full guidance on the OCP as wel or getting the correct patches made ASAP.
  10. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You are correct you are still a number for the airlines as well and well-compensated one as you said for your skill. Now only if we could change how we run this big machine to “maximize” the profits. Oh who am I kidding that will never happen. It won’t change any time soon and by that point the death spiral we are end will be about to hit the ground.
  11. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Yes our numbers are thin. I know about half the guys from our YG that I know are already out. Most are in the Airlines already and ARC. As for the O-5 board there where a few btz from my peers this past so we shall see. I know if I wasn’t a “late” rated pilot I’d be out in the airlines by now. It’s not that I’m not paitrotic but the miss management is so bad now I’d rather go we’re we are valued more than a number. QOL you name it once you have a family changes a lot of things. The next round of CC’s could be interesting for sure.
  12. cragspider

    Hurricane Michael

    While that would be a solution. However you forgot one thing, it’s not near a Major Airline hub. So reserves won’t jump as much.
  13. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Crew reports sarcasm detector inop. Mx R2 and it checks normal. Yes I’m joking. Im at the point in my career now that I don’t care what’s on the opr anymore. Sadly the careerist will care still so this train must move on.
  14. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    While that would be perfect for most of us in a perfect world. However how can we write your/our retirement dec without all the fodder from the opr’s?
  15. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You should have received info if they offered you continuation or not when you got your letter saying you didn’t make it for the second time. If you didn’t get anything I’d be asking the mpf what’s up. Yes it is still a thing I knew of one guy of was offered it and turned it down on the O-4 board. He’s out now and starts training at a regional next month.