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  1. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You are correct you are still a number for the airlines as well and well-compensated one as you said for your skill. Now only if we could change how we run this big machine to “maximize” the profits. Oh who am I kidding that will never happen. It won’t change any time soon and by that point the death spiral we are end will be about to hit the ground.
  2. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Yes our numbers are thin. I know about half the guys from our YG that I know are already out. Most are in the Airlines already and ARC. As for the O-5 board there where a few btz from my peers this past so we shall see. I know if I wasn’t a “late” rated pilot I’d be out in the airlines by now. It’s not that I’m not paitrotic but the miss management is so bad now I’d rather go we’re we are valued more than a number. QOL you name it once you have a family changes a lot of things. The next round of CC’s could be interesting for sure.
  3. cragspider

    Hurricane Michael

    While that would be a solution. However you forgot one thing, it’s not near a Major Airline hub. So reserves won’t jump as much.
  4. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Crew reports sarcasm detector inop. Mx R2 and it checks normal. Yes I’m joking. Im at the point in my career now that I don’t care what’s on the opr anymore. Sadly the careerist will care still so this train must move on.
  5. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    While that would be perfect for most of us in a perfect world. However how can we write your/our retirement dec without all the fodder from the opr’s?
  6. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You should have received info if they offered you continuation or not when you got your letter saying you didn’t make it for the second time. If you didn’t get anything I’d be asking the mpf what’s up. Yes it is still a thing I knew of one guy of was offered it and turned it down on the O-4 board. He’s out now and starts training at a regional next month.
  7. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Truer words couldn’t be spoken in this current day.
  8. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Is there a public link out yet? I’m not at work so I can’t check it the normal way.
  9. I had the pleasure of flying with him on my pilot pro ride as a nav back in the day. He was a damn good pilot and instructor.
  10. cragspider

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I’d say over again by 3 months from the original date they should have the results by.
  11. cragspider

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Yes it is. From my understanding is that the CC has to send a memo to the fac saying that they are going to test in house. So once that happens I don’t see why you would even have to wear them unless your ptl is being silly about making you wear it.
  12. cragspider

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Champ I agree, we have other things to worry about than what the service dress will be since we rarely wear it. But if we are going to change it bring back the old school style jackets, in either the older bluish grey that the AF started out with or the Pink and greens old school AAC style. While the older blue one wouldn’t require as much change for most of us anyway if we keep the same blue shirt as well Now we do have something to complain about the pt shirts. They do suck and should have been made out of a wicking fabric a LONG time ago.
  13. I won’t take credit for this cause it was on the MAF fb page but thought the masses here would like to read this literary work. Ballad of the Blue- Functionals, Commanders, hey anyone! Can someone tell me just what's been done? I've emailed, I've called, and text. Can't get a reply and I'm vexxed. Did I mention I'm currently deployed; Also got my first kid on the way. Motivation is deftly destroyed; and then this is what you don't say. "Sorry Shane but big blue has got needs; we need you to click on this mouse. Yeah you signed up for flight deeds; but it's vital to hold up the house... ..of cards that we made paper thin; This shortage has got us confused. We just wanna fly, fight, and win; So here comes the fraud/waste/abuse. Ten years, we need after you train; we get thirteen when you're done. The KC-10, yeah that's your plane; hard work but hotdamn is it fun. Five deployments then up to IP; Four years flew by just as they should. You want the U-2 oh I see; Here's an RQ-4 grand forks just as good." Okay I get it I can color; I'm gonna do a good job you'll see. And I'll earn you every dollar; Guess what now I'm a 2x IP. Getting close to that commitment now; Certainly prefer to be up in the blue. Bring me back to the -10 was the vow; But now I need contract anew? 4 out of 13 just doesn't math; It seems like a waste of millions. Sagan was on the right path; I'm just one of billions and billions. To be honest I'm quite happy to fly; maybe well beyond 13 years. But not strong-armed ADSC why? Just treat me right and no tears. Hello? I called Randolph 3 times; Commander on leave in the boonie thickets. No facebook love I'll try rhymes; but all I hear is.....crickets.
  14. Yeah, from what it sounds like none of the MAJCOM A1’s where coorded on the new AFI. So maybe that’s why they are reviewing it? Who knows, but you are correct it is the letter of the law.
  15. I’ll share this with the group. It was posted on the MAF fb page that the AFI is under review at HAF. Once that review is complete it will be shared with the group. So hopefully all of our gripes and issues with this change can be at least heard and possibly addressed. However I’m not holding out much hope for this change to be reversed. While with the number of folks saying that they are going to 7 day opt and walk hopefully that will open their eyes to the stupidity of this new change.