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  1. AFLt

    SOS/ACSC information

    With all of the 'force management' and 'ethics' initiatives lately this may have gotten overlooked. Looks like some things are finally starting to change for the better on the PME front... http://www.au.af.mil/au/cf/test/DENotice_July_2014.pdf
  2. Figured that since I don't have a 2011 Travel/Misc W2 on MyPay (although it does say all W2s are available) it would end up going on 2012s.
  3. Tax question since finance has given me a few different answers. I PCS'd (full DITY) and showed up to my base on 30 Dec 11. The voucher was filed and paid out sometime in Jan 12. Do I claim the earnings and moving expenses on my 2011 or 2012 taxes?
  4. AFLt

    Vehicle Registration & Taxes

    Not quite the same scenario but figured it was close enough to not warrant another thread. I'm currently TDY at Altus and my car just got totaled by the recent hail storm that just rolled through here. I'm looking to buy another car and save some money on taxes. I'm a resident of GA where the tax rate is 6% and I'm PCSing to MacDill (where I'll make FL my state of residence) in December where the tax rate is also 6%. The salesman today said that it's possible to register the car in OK while I'm TDY here for the next 6 months and pay OK sales tax on the car which is 3%. I found somewhere on the Florida DMV website that as long as the car was purchased greater than 6months ago (which it will work out by the time I get there) then you will not have to pay any additional taxes. But if it's less than 6 months from the purchase, you have to pay the difference (in this case 3%). Don't know if I should bite the bullet and pay all the taxes up front or go for the lower rate and save some bones. Anyone dealt with anything like this before?
  5. AFLt

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    I'm heading up to Altus for -135 PIQ in a few weeks. I talked to lodging and they say that there is pretty much no chance of getting anything on base right now since they are 'remodeling.' I heard from a buddy who just got up there a few weeks ago that they are giving letters of non-a but are forcing people go to the Best Western or Microtel. From what I've read on this thread though, unless it is 'contract lodging' then they cannot tell you where to stay off base as long as it does not exceed the maximum daily rate ($77 for Altus). Is that right? And is there any intel out there about whether or not Altus has any contract lodging? And just to clarify: if lodging is not available on day one and you stay off base, then they cannot force you back into lodging on base per JFTR U1045 A Note 2. But then there is the stipulation about moving back on base in AFI 34-246 if TDY-to-school (AETC). So my question is, does the JFTR trump the AFI in this case or could I be forced to move back on base after the initial non-a letter? I just want to make sure I understand this before I head up there and get 'told' something by the shoes at lodging.
  6. AFLt

    MacDill info

    Just picked up a -135 to Macdill out of UPT. Looking for any intel on the base/area, places to live, lifestyle/ops tempo before I get down there in a few months