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  1. @robby8388 We're conveniently located just 4.5 hours from lots of fun things hahaha. The house party situation has been pretty dampened by state (and therefore base) guidance though.
  2. Speaking of Cannon... Going for UPT, 6 applied from here not sure of the pilot/nav/urt breakdown though. Spent almost a decade at HRT, definitely a nice place but we don't miss the traffic/tourists one little bit. Cannon is definitely one of those 'duty station is what you make of it' locations... Covid has really changed it out here too.
  3. Gentlemen, I see that you are attempting to apply the concepts of logic and reason to the Air Force. I must caution you against this, as side effects may include explosion of your brains.
  4. Thanks man, appreciate the Intel. Wife just delivered kiddo #2 today and a short-notice deployment next month so I wouldn't mind being on the notification and cancellation train. Feel ya on the nerves, continuing to hold as published...
  5. Wow that's some early gouge... Who was he notified by if you happen to know?
  6. Happy board day everyone, may the odds be ever in all of our favors...
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