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  1. Hello All, Just wanted to get some opinions on if I should retake the AFOQT to be more competitive for guard fighter units. Pilot: 88 Nav: 67 Academic Aptitude: 83 Verbal: 69 Quant: 86 PCSM 92 with 201+ hours. From the feedback I’ve received from two rejection emails, it seems my pilot score is a bit on the lower side but my PCSM is pretty much on par with the average for interview selectees. I have no problem retaking the AFOQT but I am concerned about the risk of potentially scoring lower. I also have 5,000 hours of civilian flight time. The only reason I mention that is I wasn’t sure if that would be a factor when looking at the slightly lower Pilot score. Thanks!
  2. I got the TBNT from Duluth this morning, so it looks like emails are going out for them.
  3. Thanks for checking! Really appreciate the update.
  4. Absolutely noticing that trend as well!! I can attribute to a couple things. 1.) Airlines are no longer hiring due to the pandemic/loss of demand. 2.) Top Gun 2? Maybe a few from there even though it’s not out yet. 3.) C.W. Lemoines “Make them tell you no” YouTube channel. I know this seems obscure but I’m sure many of us in the application pool follow him. He offers amazing advice and just a great dude from the videos I’ve seen. However the popularity of his channel has EXPLODED in the past year, he just passed 250,000 subscribers recently. So maybe a mix of new people being motivated or people who didn’t think they were qualified throwing an app in to “make them tell you no”. Just my .02, cheers and good luck to you! Hope to see your “I just got picked up” post soon!
  5. No word yet for me. I'm guessing it would be delayed with the surge in cases in Florida? I am not sure if that would affect the application review process.
  6. Haha so true!! I called today and her voicemail is already full.
  7. Earlier this month I was able to take the AFOQT at Luke AFB and the TBAS at Nellis. I live in LA but couldn’t find any base or MEPS here that did testing.
  8. I am currently at an airline and in the process of applying to the Air National Guard. From all I've read Officer School, UPT, B-course, and seasoning are exempt from the 5 year USERRA rule. My main question is are there any loopholes in the system that could become problematic later on? Such as being forced to switch from part time to full time? Possibly medically DQ after getting wings and needing to transition to another job in the ANG for your 10 year commitment? The list of scenarios could go on, but I just want to be absolutely sure I am not putting my civilian career at risk by pursuing this dream. Thanks so much!
  9. When a board wants an "official printout" of your AFOQT score where do you guys normally print that out from? I was able to print out my PCSM score from the PCSM site, however when I go onto the AFOQT test results site there really isn't an option to print it off. I was just thinking of taking a screenshot of the test results page?
  10. Hello all, I was just curious if anyone was familiar of the training course differences between the F-15 and F-16? I see the course length for the F-16 is 9 months compared to the F-15 which is 6 months. Which makes sense since it does not have an air to ground mission. Does one of them have a higher washout rate than the other? I've heard a fair amount of talk on here about washing out of F-15 but not so much F-16. Thanks!
  11. According to their website both the board and package deadline are suspended indefinitely. I know they had a posting for a while but then took it down. Did you guys hear otherwise?
  12. The 162nd out of Tucson just posted a UPT board closing September 14th!
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