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  1. I have looked through multiple posts here and have a pretty clear understanding of the types of potential questions asked at an interview for a Guard/AFR Base. One that has stood out is "What are your career goals once you return to drill status?" Why do ask this specific question? Are they expecting most people to say "work for the airlines"? Assuming you were selected off the streets and were previously working your regular day job, you could just return to work at said job under the protection of USERRA. Do they want their pilots to work in a pilot related field even when not on guard duty? Is that how they stay current? I don't work in aviation currently, and while I have considered it, I do enjoy my current IT job. Any current pilots out there that work regular non-flying civilian jobs?
  2. I am in the process of applying to some Guard/Reserve units and even going to do un-sponsored Reserve for UPT. I know some places specifically require a PPL and others just "highly recommend" it. But realistically has anyone been selected to a Guard or Reserve unit without a PPL? I mean, I can probably afford it, but with a nearly 10k price tag, my bank account is most certainly going to take a hit. I am very much interested in aviation; my lack of PPL is not from a lack of interest in flying -I have accrued ~6 hours of flying so far- however, getting to nearly 40 hours is pretty much a luxury for someone like me. Anyone here been through a similar situation?
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