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  1. Seeing how you have been at CBM for some time you should know your first mistake was assuming anything at the CBM MPF was correct. I make sure my house is stocked up on liquor before I attempt to do anything in that office. Ask to talk to the SSgt in charge in the back, very nice and the only person who has any clue what is going on.
  2. The weight of the trailer itself. The way I understand it I get the weight of the HHG items in the trailer either way. Under old rules (before 2009) you could count the empty weight of the trailer toward your HHG weight and get paid for it, The new rules require the trailer to be under 12ft tongue to tail, and only have sides 24 or 46 inches high or something like that. The JFTR link is above for those who care. However under a different paragraph as Jughead said, if its a motorcycle trailer the weight of the trailer itself can be counted. Seeing how the trailer is a motorcycle trailer, I want to try to count the empty weight of the trailer toward my HHG weight, I just currently don't have a motorcycle in the trailer. A old mentor of mine suggested to try to get the weight ticket to describe the trailer as motorcycle trailer (it has tie downs bolted in the floor). I have been told they may not even ask and push it through, if they do ask site the reg. If they continue to put up a fight just let it go. As I said above, I am not trying to defraud the gov, just would like to get extra reimbursement if legally possible. The trailer is 1500lbs, I am getting about 72 cents a pound, so that is about a extra $1100 bucks before taxes.
  3. Solid advice, exactly what I was looking for, seemed like there was a loophole there, I just wanted confirmation that it could/should be able to be done.
  4. Well that it was I am trying to avoid, but I don't see any clear answer. I have also been searching through the other PCS thread. Buy a cheap shitty mo ped and put it in the trailer? seems to be the best answer to get the weight and not get butt raped in prison. Edit-Sounds good brabus
  5. JFTR says 12 ft non inclosed you can, anything larger you can't. However specialty trailers such as a enclosed motorcycle trailer the weight can be included. I just don't want to get jammed up if I present the reg and say that I have motorcycle trailer so should be covered, but not have a motorcycle in it, I guessing my best course of action is to just include the weight and see if anyone says anything. If so site the reg, If questioned about having a motorcycle play the "I'm a dumb ass "2Lt who has been on AD for 3 days" card and get a new weight ticket with the empty trailer included.
  6. Thread bump, I read the previous page regarding trailer rules and I have a quick question. I purchased a 14ft single axle "motorcycle" trailer to make my first move to CBM, I sold my motorcycle so now the trailer is just going to have house hold items in it. I am doing a full PPM. Can I argue that this is a "motorcycle trailer" even though I am not transporting a motorcycle in it so I can get reimbursed for the weight? Keep in mind I am fresh piece of shit Lt showing up to UPT, I have yet to make my move, but I don't want to start a war when I am going to loose. But I also could use the extra cash from the trailer weight. Also my apologies if this has been asked in the other PCS thread, quick google search turned up this thread.
  7. Anyone have current info on how long the wait is for on base housing? Wait list says we are 49/58, website says it can't estimate a wait time until I am inside of 30 days of moving in. (47 days out now) Is it likely that we will get a house? Or should I start looking at some off base options?
  8. mxfreak54

    Booze Talk

    Oliva O series- try the V if you like a darker smoke, also made by the Oliva family is the Nub, its short and does not look like much, but it will burn for at least a good 1.5 hours, never have had a bad smoke from Oliva, sweeter smoke is the Drew Estate Natural Irish Hops, I am cautious of CAO, I have had batches of their cigars that are sh#t, and some that are top quality. Alec Bradley also makes some quality smokes.
  9. Did mine last week of July, found out first or second week of September, I had a waiver for head injury in there as well, my NCO told me, showed me the FC1 form with a approval stamp, and I think I had to sign a form. I'm ROTC though, My guess is they are taking a couple extra days with the holidays being in your time frame. Hope that helps.
  10. mxfreak54

    Gun Talk

    Anyone have any current links to 30 round AR mags? I got the link posted a couple days ago, just wondering if there is anything else out there before I purchase.
  11. Going for my FC1 in a couple weeks, medical office requested hospital records from a concussion I got in 2002, and another in 2004. Both were mild, loss of conciseness for a minute or two, hospital did the MRIs said there was no damage, rest for two weeks and I was good to go. Never have had any problems since the incidents. Anything to be worried about or just standard procedure for all head injuries? I searched for the regs online, all I found on head injuries is regs if you are already have had a flying physical. Any help is appreciated.
  12. found it on youtube, I read more post less so I don't know how to make the video apear in the thred, here is the link whatch it for a couple seconds, the end of a dog treat add comes before the AF add
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