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  1. I received a confirmation email. With COVID I never had the chance to visit them.
  2. I saw some got a TBNT but I have not heard anything.
  3. Reno cancelled their pilot boards this year. I did not apply to Charlotte but saw traffic on Reddit (airforceots) that they sent out invites.
  4. That may be true, definitely listen to the recruiter. Denver was pretty backlogged at the time and each submission was taking close to a month to hear back from, so I believe that was their reasoning in my case.
  5. I went through Denver MEPS last month but it took a long time to get there. I had a knee arthroscopy 11 years ago and they wanted documentation from the hospital and physician (that no longer works there) that did not exist. Throughout the process they were vague about what they wanted. Two recruiters (one retired during the process) both said that Denver is known to be difficult and we were close to trying a different MEPS. Eventually I decided to schedule a current x-ray evaluation with an orthopedic surgeon (which was still not good enough) and finally a remote appointment with the ori
  6. I would be surprised if your MEPS is closed. You can find your MEPS location on the MEPCOM site (https://www.mepcom.army.mil/ -> Units -> East/West Sector) and try to call one of the phone numbers and see what they say. You could also try to call your local ANG recruiter or an ANG for a unit you are interested in and see if they could set something up. Do not be afraid to keep trying your current recruiter either.
  7. I was considering retaking it this month and was told that at least two different MEPS were offering it once a week. I think some locations may not be testing but others are. I would keep looking around.
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