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  1. I too am interested in Wisco, anyone with a help, it would be much appreciated.
  2. May 10, its on the right side of their page. https://www.158fw.ang.af.mil/BECOME_A_FIGHTER_PILOT/
  3. I have heard nothing...I know some got notified early of a non-select, but I have not heard of anyone getting selected. Anyone get picked up? Hard to believe they would forget about me, or I do not want to believe it.
  4. Anyone that went to Massachusetts (Barnes) interviews hear back? Still nothing....no news is good news?
  5. Active Duty LT (Non-Rated) No PQ out of academy, now PQ Education USAFA Distinguished Grad, Systems Eng, 3.65 AFIT (M.S), Comp sci, 3.95 AFOQT Pilot/Nav/Ac Apt/Verb/Quant 99/90/93/78/93 PCSM 76 (48 flt hours) PPL Other Div 1 athlete Enjoys raging
  6. Anyone get a rejection from Oregon?...or is it implied?...asking for a friend...
  7. Hey man, I’d reach back out and make sure you get in touch with a pilot or their email. They were/are deployed, I got the same answer talking to some rando SSgt that they weren’t doing it, but I believe it’s a go for that weekend.
  8. Anyone heading out to DCANG for the March 15-17 visit? If so, if you’d like to split a place/car, I’m down to save some $$$$.
  9. Probably a solid play to ask for some feedback regardless. I know they are busy, but I’m sure most of the dudes want to help out people hungry to get in the cockpit. Just may have to give them time.
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