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  1. Need serious help and hoping to shed some light on current MFS at Wright Patt. Took the CCT two years ago at my local flight med clinic. Passed the CCT twice (once initially and again on my official FC1) with high scores. I had a previous failure as a cadet at USAFA, but AD flight med was convinced the test the Academy did was bogus and I was indeed not color deficient. Fast forward two years of hard work, I have my guard fighter slot with Palace Front set for May. I attended MFS last week, scored a 55/50 on Green for CCT, fine on all other colors. Ironically my AD flight med configured their test wrong...twice. They set the test for long distance testing and had me sit close, which is why I passed it. Since I failed at MFS, I am DQ from my FC1. They did a full color work up and it's true, I am mild green deficient, so no arguing the test. After two years of absolutely grinding to get a slot, Wright patt says I am ####ed and my fighter/flying dreams are over. I say I want this more than anything and will cut my arm off with a rusty spoon to be a fighter pilot. It seems this would have to go the way of an ETP which from what I have heard, I have a better chance at winning the lottery. My packet is going to AFMRA this week and next which they will stamp disqualified. What would you do? What can I do?
  2. Were you denied at Wright Patt or on your initial at your base?
  3. Hey man, I was in the exact some spot out of USAFA minus the Lasik. Failed the CCT 9 times. Went unrated obviously. Went back to flight med, retook, passed. They made me take it again, passed it again. Proved I was no longer color blind which obviously makes no sense. Point being, as long as you show you can pass consistently now, that's all that should matter. I now have a stamped FC1 and a guard fighter spot. If a Doc gives you lip about retesting, don't take it. Make it happen.
  4. I have received some feedback on my letter, I think along with what you mentioned, you also want to get across who you are as a person. If you can write the letter in a way that shows your personality without describing it, I think you would be good.
  5. I too am interested in Wisco, anyone with a help, it would be much appreciated.
  6. May 10, its on the right side of their page. https://www.158fw.ang.af.mil/BECOME_A_FIGHTER_PILOT/
  7. I have heard nothing...I know some got notified early of a non-select, but I have not heard of anyone getting selected. Anyone get picked up? Hard to believe they would forget about me, or I do not want to believe it.
  8. Anyone that went to Massachusetts (Barnes) interviews hear back? Still nothing....no news is good news?
  9. Active Duty LT (Non-Rated) No PQ out of academy, now PQ Education USAFA Distinguished Grad, Systems Eng, 3.65 AFIT (M.S), Comp sci, 3.95 AFOQT Pilot/Nav/Ac Apt/Verb/Quant 99/90/93/78/93 PCSM 76 (48 flt hours) PPL Other Div 1 athlete Enjoys raging
  10. Anyone get a rejection from Oregon?...or is it implied?...asking for a friend...
  11. Hey man, I’d reach back out and make sure you get in touch with a pilot or their email. They were/are deployed, I got the same answer talking to some rando SSgt that they weren’t doing it, but I believe it’s a go for that weekend.
  12. Anyone heading out to DCANG for the March 15-17 visit? If so, if you’d like to split a place/car, I’m down to save some $$$$.
  13. Probably a solid play to ask for some feedback regardless. I know they are busy, but I’m sure most of the dudes want to help out people hungry to get in the cockpit. Just may have to give them time.
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