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  1. In the interviews, they asked us which one we would prefer if selected and then try to make that happen, but it ultimately comes down to the needs of the squadrons.
  2. Agree with what matmacwc said. Was this in regards to 121 FS?
  3. Just got word back on Oregon interviews! Who else will be there?
  4. Nothing yet. Wouldn't be surprised if we hear something early next week.
  5. Anyone know how this looks to apply everywhere if you specifically want fighters? Could it come back to haunt you if you are offered a heavy UPT slot and turn it down in hopes to get a fighter slot? Just something to consider...
  6. Bump... Anyone have info on which airframes the guys from prior years unsponsored AFRC Boards were assigned to? I know it's generally uncommon via unsponsored route, but any fighters out of it?
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