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  1. I see it as two options. You can implement draconian measures which will shut down and cripple the economy and people will get fed up and risk getting the virus so that they can feed their family. Or, we can assume a level of risk, ramp up ICU care around the country to handle illness, and halt the tanking economy. One option cripples the world economy and people get sick and die. The other prevents financial collapse but people still get sick and die. Risk management.
  2. My office has a confirmed case of someone who was in the office last week. They still expect us to come in and work business as usual, just because that person is now self quarantined. Ridiculous.
  3. Dude that sucks, how long have you been waiting to go to UPT?
  4. Check out airwarriors.com. That's the navy version of this forum.
  5. Your scores are decent, and I say that because of your Q score and 85 PCSM. If you can get your PCSM above 90 then you would be in a better position regarding your scores. Your age is probably the greatest factor here, especially with your fighters only mentality. I'm not wanting or trying to discourage you but it is seeming that unless you are the perfect fit in a fighter unit, they still don't like interviewing candidates 28 or older even with the new age waiver policy. With that said, rush the units you want to be at and you never know what will happen. They could really like you and not care about the age. There are also some on here who have been picked up by fighter units at this age or older. Also, don't discount AD. You will definitely get a pilot slot and can still get a fighter that way. Good luck!
  6. You will see it vary from unit to unit. Some have been picked up with 99's across the board, others with 90 pilot and 30 everything else. Of course your chances are lower if your scores aren't the best but if you rush and the board likes you, they will make exceptions. It is very rare to get an interview and then get looked over just because one of your AFOQT scores are lower. The interview levels the playing field.
  7. Hey, Stingers are nice. I'd take one of those over a 335i, not an M3 though
  8. Thanks! It was #7 for me and I'm off the street.
  9. Ask away, I'm willing to look over applications and help with interview stuff. Getting help from those already picked up really helped me as well.
  10. Just wanted to say I got picked up! I've been on this forum for almost 2 years now and it has helped me a lot with SA. Looking forward to the adventure and thanks for all the help!
  11. Yesterday, it said age 29. So they definitely intentionally updated it to reflect the new age waiver standards.
  12. Oh wow, T-7's are really on track to be in UPT starting in 2021?
  13. I've been told at least a week. Wouldn't hurt to contact that squadron and tell them the situation. They are more willing to work with you than against you I've come to notice.
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