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  1. Trying to gauge if this is normal or not since I'm not a doctor who screens pilots but.... Is this a normal situation? It took me 9 months to get to MEPS. Dad was in the AF so all my medical files were in (AHLTA?) so I had to disclose everything. I had childhood asthma which was cleared by MEPS and a methacholine challenge test. They dug into my medical file and took issue with something I never had which was vitamin D deficiency. Had to get bloodwork for that to prove I never had it. So after that was proved and 9 months of waiting, they finally let me go to MEPS and I passed. Wai
  2. Just dress business casual, or even nice jeans and a tshirt. Bring your Covi paperwork, don't forget those or they will deny you. Also bring your social security card and drivers license. You need those. You'll just go through the standard tests. Hearing, vision, urine, etc. Overall it's pretty easy, just make sure you know what to expect with depth perception. One less battle to fight if you pass it at MEPS. Good luck.
  3. Yo this forum is making me want to join the Navy
  4. Passed MEPS but only passed depth perception line C. Am I still able to go to the FC1 and what kind of battle do I have to fight?
  5. That's awesome man, I love hearing stories like this. Congratulations!
  6. The polls (that matter) are contracting again similar to 2016. So I'm confident we are going to have Trump for at least 12 more years.
  7. She definitely has a lot of "Hillary Clinton" factor.
  8. Geeze, I guess people are actually so used to talk like that, that it didn't seem like a joke. That's kind of sad tbh.
  9. I'm seeing everything through a political lens right now. My bad, gotta fix that sarcasm projector.
  10. Did you really just say all scores matter? That's really messed up. Pilot's scores matter and if you disagree then I'll have you banned from this forum.
  11. Fellow defense contracting nerds, Do people know which defense contracting companies offer differential pay? I've heard that Lockheed Martin offers 5 years but what does that include? SERE, UPT, B-Course? I've heard Boeing offers similar as well. I'm currently with Northrop Grumman and I've been told they offer 5 years as well but need to make a few emails to confirm. Anyone have any knowledge? Would be nice to not have to switch companies last minute then get grilled for asking for this huge benefit.
  12. With the way this thread is going, guy with the nose should be pouring salt, not sugar
  13. Hey man, I was in the same exact boat as you were 2 years ago, minus the whole kung flu stuff. I was going through the exact same stuff. Freshly graduated from engineering, sitting at a desk job (that payed quite well) but being disillusioned with the prospect of doing that stuff for 40 years until retirement. Not knocking the engineering profession because we need those people, they make the planes after all. But a lot of people in the circuit express the same feelings as you and I. We can't stand the idea of "sitting at a desk" for our whole career when there is the option of flying for the
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