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  1. I've been told at least a week. Wouldn't hurt to contact that squadron and tell them the situation. They are more willing to work with you than against you I've come to notice.
  2. What are you shooting for, Guard/Reserve or AD? So far, you have an interesting background, so that is a good plus for you. Your work will give you points as well. But as always, we really need to know your AFOQT and PCSM scores, cause those can make or break you. Also, getting your PPL is very important depending on which path you take, so consider more flying.
  3. Doubt you should be concerned. Apps were just due. Would they really filter applicants already and notify "true potential" candidates of the board date change and leave the "undesirables" in the dark? Just call and ask.
  4. For the past 2 years, they both have. But we will have to see and wait for the new year.
  5. Agreed on why sit on money and spend it when you are old and are in too much pain to enjoy it? Or dead? Eh, I don't have enough money for a M, RS, or AMG but maybe a Kia Stinger lol. I'll just hold onto my money until I actually get a UPT slot, really gotta stop putting the cart before the horse....
  6. You have good scores and looks like you have great connections in the LORS. I wouldn't worry about the quantitative tbh. Your overall stats are very good so I would just say get out and start rushing. You'll start seeing results soon. Good luck!
  7. I was actually about to buy into the scene. I'm not headed to UPT yet but just wanted to know if it was a stupid investment before dropping serious $$$. I'll probably hold off until I'm at UPT to make a better financial decision.
  8. For those into performance cars, did you care about the hobby or your car once you started flying in UPT? Would an AMG or M class lose its luster after pulling G's in the 38?
  9. My disclaimer, I'm not in the AF either, nor have I gone through any of this process. This is only what I've heard from pilots who have had asthma, or applicants currently going through the waiver process for asthma. If you have ongoing asthma after the age of 13, then yes it is DQ with no waiver. If you have things such as an inhaler or follow-up asthma visits after your 13th birthday because your parents make you because of paranoia, you will likely have to do PFT + MCT. Then it is up to AETC evaluation I believe. My question was more geared towards do you have to go to MEPS to get DQ'd or can you call them up before hand and say you have a DQ condition and a waiver needs to start so you don't waste 2-3 months waiting for a MEPS appointment, just to go get DQ'd and have to get a waiver, if that makes sense...
  10. REVIVAL. I'm a guard applicant. I have a history of childhood asthma and wanted to know the best process for waiver submittal for MEPS and FC1. Can I ask to submit a waiver before MEPS so I don't have to wait for the appointment, get DQ'd and then do the whole process? Basically is there a way to go about this as efficient as possible as to avoid delays?
  11. You have great scores, I would not re-take the AFOQT. You are young, so you have a lot of time to be rushing fighter units across the country and find which unit you mesh well with. Just be a good dude, don't be cocky, and have fun! Keep at it and you should find yourself in a fighter unit in a couple of years. Good luck!
  12. 122fspilothiring@gmail.com - board announcements and any questions go through there. I forget but I think they recently had their rush weekend, and apps are probably due soon.
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