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  1. Because we don't have leaders anymore. Just yes men. I think you have to know when to stand up for people and when to shut up. It's a fine line because if you go against the norm, you put your career at risk.
  2. Mattis Erupts Over Niger Inquiry and Army Revisits Who Is to Blame https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/07/us/politics/niger-mattis.html So anyone can drive onto Nellis AFB and security forces will not report it to anyone? I wonder who will be fired for this blunder. And these are the folks you want going outside the wire in combat...smh http://www.businessinsider.com/nellis-investigating-base-security-breach-alleged-kidnapping-2018-12
  3. Dumb question, but I thought PRFs went from squadron - group - wing - AFPC. Any reason why your respective numbered AF needs to see your PRF?
  4. I was writing PRFs and seen a guy with well over 1K combat hours, yet he had one strat going up for major. Good dude, just has a different view. Like people should be allowed to play cards at work kind of guy.
  5. If civilians or contractors are slow rolling work because of you. Then you are probably the problem and you need to check your leadership style. Some dudes like to bark at civilians. You can't just bark at contractors or a GS like they are in the military. See how that works out for you after being passed over twice and having to work a civilian job where there is no such thing as rank.
  6. I've never had a problem talking to or working with civilians. I can't speak for every rated officer, but I know a vast majority of the pilots would excel dealing with the oversight of civilians. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work with civilians. Most of us switch jobs in a squadron every year so we are all fully capable. I've had contractors working directly for me. If I had it my way, more contractors would do the queep jobs in squadrons to free up flyers to you know, fly!
  7. Just talked to a buddy from the 06 year group. He said Lt Col wouldn't be enough to keep him in the AF. I feel the exact same way. I wonder how many people are going to walk because they don't have a chance of being promoted? Someone eluded to this before where if you know you aren't on the leadership track you simply walk away from the AF. Can the AF run with the support officers running the show? They look at things far differently than all of us from what I learned. Pilots know how to talk to people in order to get what we want, especially with civilians.
  8. So for every 3 majors going up for promotion equates to one DP per wing correct? Let's say you have an IPZ, 2 BPZ, and 1 BPZ going up in the wing for promotion. Does all three individuals have to be IPZ for the wing to receive one DP or does it not matter?
  9. Who made you BODN/CC today? I guess you should let a fellow FGO fail when a group exec doesn't know what the hell they doing at all. Nobody should be putting together their ROP. Most people don't have a clue how to put one together. That's the job of an exec or director of staff. Not the job of an eligible. An eligible should be focused on their PRF. He started running into Abobe errors. That can happen when creating a ROP if you don't know what you are doing. My CSS was having the same issue. I told them both to save the file as a different name after you extract the files from PRDA, then "Print to PDF."
  10. Just got a call. "Man, can you help with with my PRF/ROP. It's late to the group and the Gp/CC wants my PRF now." I told the fellow DO the group exec doesn't know what he is doing. The eligibles don't do their own ROPs. I helped him out of course. I told the DO if the group exec needs any help just to ask. It's obvious the exec is just forwarding emails from the wing exec. Nothing like a bud having to hammer out a 2 BPZ PRF/ROP on a Sunday during football with the Gp/CC on his ass.
  11. The AF will follow suit, just watch and see. We don't like to be left out of buffonery concerning uniforms or PT. We will one up the Army by going to a cross fit style fitness test. Until the AF realizes cross fit causes more injuries than any other workout routine. Big blue will always be a part of the "Me Too" movement with the Army.
  12. If the promotion rate is 90% for the 05 year group, I wouldn't sweat it. Your situation could be common throughout many wings. What if AFPC already knows there might not be enough DPs for the 05 year group? A 90% promotion rate just doesn't seem reasonable for a year group. Unless big blue goes screw it, promote everyone without any negative indicators, which could potentially be everyone.
  13. Person on the right in the photo got some big old hands.
  14. I remember a former C-17, now airline pilot said the good old boy network is still used at the airlines. He was telling me how they try to be all serious during your interview with a panel of their pilots. Then tell you to just chillax.
  15. I read the article, but that's the standard for a freaking CDI in my opinion. Always late to the party. But I guess JAG helps determine whether you have enough valid information or a basis to conduct a CDI. I conducted a CDI and the CC who was definitely toxic was long gone. Gp/CC was taking his time so the new Sq/CC got hit with the CDI. All the issues started on the previous CC watch. Buffoonery... seemed to me like someone was trying to protect the previous CC.
  16. https://www.krqe.com/news/new-mexico/new-mexico-dairy-concerned-about-air-force-contamination/1605588769 CE - "It's not our problem." Who hires the people in CE?
  17. Shots fired at Green DOT. Resiliency training is being revamped. They need some of that goodness. In fact, you all do.
  18. I had my sit down with the GP/CC. Oh my f.... goodness. He just hates pilots and flight suits. "Flyers are treated differently and I want to promote "One Team, One Fight." Then the "Noner" word came out..LMAO. I countered with every airman is important to execution of the mission even if they don't deal directly with aircraft. In hostile environments, we ALL work together to defend the base no matter the uniform we wear. We sleep in the same accommodations, eat the same food, and return dirty to our dirty b-huts and CHUs. I honestly felt as though he was slightly intimidated by me. I left it at that and told him I would be a good follower, no doubt. I'm sorry BODN, but I had to say something right before my PRF is due.
  19. Good point! You are the freaking man! I didn't think of that at all. This is why I love this forum. That will definitely get underneath the GP/CC skin. Maybe he will come at me just like a spider monkey.
  20. If I wear my authorized parka with my ABUs will the shoe force come after me? They stripped me of my leather jacket with a fleece liner made by no other than Mr. Kim in Songtan. I must stay warm. #GP/CC #Hatespilots #Haterade
  21. What do you have against ice cream on the boardwalk? 🤣😂 But seriously, I appreciate your perspective because it gives me even more ammunition against shoe clerks who not only think they know what they are talking about, but don't even have the clearance to know how things really work.
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