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  1. Not a mil pilot (yet) so I obviously can't speak definitively, but I think generally speaking yes. There are probably heavier squadrons with really high PCSM thresholds, and fighter squadrons that don't give it too much weight, but my experience as an applicant has been yes. I think the bottom line is to just be the best applicant you can be, apply everywhere you could see yourself, and enjoy what works out. Thinking about the details will drive you crazy.
  2. Yeah I'm like 70% sure Fort Worth is the same way. Says in their job listing you will be invited to the meet and greet if you are selected for the interview.
  3. I got the “thanks but no thanks” email last Friday. I’d offer to check for your name, but it was a blind copy
  4. Not to speak for him but I don’t think that’s what he’s saying. They just finished interviews yesterday Although if anyone knows when they’re gonna notify please share
  5. I know an individual who showed up to a board, and was told expressly not to do it again. Not every unit is the same, but apparently it made a difference.
  6. For anyone that wasn't on the email, the 303rd A-10s at Whiteman are no longer holding a board in October. Reason was not stated, and board date is TBD.
  7. Appreciate the insight. Long story, but I took it cold. Had about 2 days to study. Keeping your advice in mind, I may be retaking.
  8. Hey y'all, coming up on about 9 months of apps and interviews. Three interviews so far, no takers, one alternate. Just wondering from those in the know, if I should retake the AFOQT. Here's the breakdown. Looking for fighters. P92 / N83 / AA74 / V88 / Q56 PCSM: 93 210 hours, soon to be CFI. Working to improve my overall app and interviewing skills, but I'm on the fence about retaking the AFOQT. Any insight appreciated.
  9. Yeah, know a guy who got a phone call this morning.
  10. This morning, notifications via email for an initial video interview.
  11. DC interview notifications went out, for those still waiting.
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