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  1. Appreciate the insight. Long story, but I took it cold. Had about 2 days to study. Keeping your advice in mind, I may be retaking.
  2. Hey y'all, coming up on about 9 months of apps and interviews. Three interviews so far, no takers, one alternate. Just wondering from those in the know, if I should retake the AFOQT. Here's the breakdown. Looking for fighters. P92 / N83 / AA74 / V88 / Q56 PCSM: 93 210 hours, soon to be CFI. Working to improve my overall app and interviewing skills, but I'm on the fence about retaking the AFOQT. Any insight appreciated.
  3. Yeah, know a guy who got a phone call this morning.
  4. This morning, notifications via email for an initial video interview.
  5. DC interview notifications went out, for those still waiting.
  6. Anybody know if Buckley is having a board this year?
  7. Can confirm, heard back from Blitz this week. Board is now November.
  8. Me and some others have already received rejections from Fort Wayne, so I know at least some have gone out.
  9. Yeah, that's probably a more likely situation. Well, if that is the case, best of luck to everyone interviewing. My thought process was that typically, it becomes a topic of conversation once invitations are sent out, and the relative silence about it was odd. But like I said, due to how close it is, they're probably already out.
  10. This has been a topic of conversation amongst a group of us... from what I understand, nobody has heard back. At least, of those of us that I know applied.
  11. Yes. Not trying to be rude, we've all been there, but don't be afraid to scroll up or do a google search.
  12. 1. a) No visits (b) idk (c) see a 2-5 not sure 6. a) yes (b) idk (c) idk 7. Not sure 8. a) yes, but they are very busy in the coming months so contact the POC to be sure. (B) they do not (c) strongly implied 9. Not sure when in doubt UTFSF
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