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  1. I know this is a weird time so I'm not putting too much stock into it, but has anyone heard from FW or Toledo? I heard from Tulsa - and I know others did - but the board is TBD.
  2. Honestly, Google. I've only been asked to do recce at 1 interview. The aircraft listed were: T-6, T-38, F-16, F-15, F-18, B-2, U-2, and SU-30. Obviously that list depends on the type of airframe/unit you're applying for, but generally speaking, if you can identify all current US fighters/bombers, USAF trainers, and 5-6 foreign aircraft, you'll be just fine. As a sidenote, that slideshow also included Robin Olds. I'd be able to identify him and John Boyd.
  3. Ah, yeah. I remember seeing something (vaguely) but my impression was that they only hire rated. Not sure about all the white jet jobs though. Could be that the guys in STL hire non-rated.
  4. Hired last year. Hiring again in like 3 months. Check Bogidope.
  5. Anybody going to the Tulsa UTA this weekend? I've sent them two emails but haven't gotten a response.
  6. I think interviewing with any unit that you can see yourself flying with long term is a good use of time. If there's one thing that holds true (in my opinion) throughout this process, it's that we as applicants have absolutely no clue what any given unit is looking for. Don't handicap yourself by not taking an interview simply because you think you'd have less of a chance. That being said, if you've been offered two interviews at units you like equally, of course, choose the one that you think you have a better shot at. But don't sell short the opportunity to get a slot simply because of message boards or rumors. We have no clue what they're looking for. Addendum... especially somewhere like Memphis. The food, music and culture of that town rocks, and if civilian flying is your thing, you're already living in base.
  7. I doubt this has changed, but last year they wanted one application to the ORANG. The board is a room split 1/2 and 1/2 guys from each unit.
  8. Before Bogidope, I think there was a lot more stuff floating "out there" but lately almost everybody is on Bogidope. The only ones (that I've seen) that don't post are the Makos in Homestead, and Toledo, but you can contact them directly and get an answer pretty easily I would presume.
  9. Boise said in their application they would release notifications Dec 1-10 so I would just wait until after Thanksgiving. No info on Madison for you though. Hopefully someone else does.
  10. CO posted about it a while back. Job posting on the state website closed last week. Just wasn't able to make it out to their last meet and greet so wanted to see if anyone in the know could provide some insight on which weekend in Nov the board is going to be, expected invite time, that type of thing.
  11. They're "board TBD" now so nobody will probably hear anything until it's on Bogidope, unless you visit.
  12. Not a mil pilot (yet) so I obviously can't speak definitively, but I think generally speaking yes. There are probably heavier squadrons with really high PCSM thresholds, and fighter squadrons that don't give it too much weight, but my experience as an applicant has been yes. I think the bottom line is to just be the best applicant you can be, apply everywhere you could see yourself, and enjoy what works out. Thinking about the details will drive you crazy.
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