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  1. Hate to keeping asking the same question, but has anyone heard from Tulsa? I send an updated resume once every 4-6 weeks but I haven't heard anything since CO called to postpone in March.
  2. Mind if I ask what region this is? Flight schools quoting you 80 hours on average for a PPL is predatory, in my opinion. I work at a big flight school, and if we have kids going over 55-60 hours then we start to examine what went wrong in the process. 80 hours feels extortionate, but I'm willing to admit it's closer to the national average than 40. As for your question, I don't know that all units that are looking for flying experience are looking strictly for a PPL. A sport certificate or LSA experience certainly is a conversation starter! But I would mention that from my (limited) understanding it's going to be easier for you to transition from PPL to Sport than vice versa.
  3. Yeah if anyone else is waiting on Fort Worth and/or Tulsa and has info that'd be great. Haven't heard from Tulsa since April, and from Fort Worth since that "a few weeks" email in mid-July
  4. CFI at a 141 school here... my friends that were about to start training are being told to expect Summer 2021, and that it's a dynamic situation, but not to expect hiring folks without an ATP and a type rating until late 2021/2022. I don't think that's a pessimistic scenario. The wholly owneds, to my understanding, got rocked. If you have a job offer you know more than I do, but the Envoy cadets I work with aren't expecting to go anywhere anytime soon, let alone through the flow.
  5. Even if you aren't being a douchebag about it, why do you care about other people's opinions on your slot?
  6. Checking back in for Tulsa. Has anyone heard anything since it was postponed?
  7. I would really curb this type of thinking before your AFOQT and start sending out apps. Ive got a 92 pilot, 93PCSM and 500+ hours and I probably get every fourth interview. I've been at units with guys who have everything above 90 on the AFOQT and 99s on pilot + PCSM and they don't get everything they apply for. Obviously I'm not on a board, or I wouldn't be having this conversation, but every unit is looking for something different, and you never know what it is. You might fit the profile exactly at one unit, and miss by a mile with another one. As it's been stated above, you really just have to visit the units you want, and cross your fingers on the rest.
  8. Saw Tucson posted a board. I know historically they’re military applicants only but I didn’t see that in the application requirements. Anyone know if this changed?
  9. Yeah that's why I sent it out, just so folks know that information is actually being sent out. I hate being left off the email chain so I don't know where I stand.
  10. Got my TBNT email from Sioux Falls today if anyone else was waiting to hear
  11. Absolutely man, always get your application in front of a unit you would want to join, even if you think you're a long shot. I don't know much about the age waiver process, but I was applying to boards 12 months before I graduated college. Odds are, you don't get an interview, but if you do you'll be happy you applied. That's my 0.02 anyway.
  12. NOLA is still sending out the auto-reply email whenever you reach out, so I take that as a "sit tight."
  13. Echoing CavGuy from earlier, congratulations first and foremost. Mind sharing who picked you up? Didn't know any fighter units had interviews recently!
  14. Negative. Last year (it's mentioned in the application guide as well) they made screening phone calls roughly 3 weeks after the app deadline, so early July wouldn't be out of the question.
  15. 104FS is making phone calls today for everyone waiting on a response.
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