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  1. 130 and U-28 folks are the only two platforms that can accept T-6 only right now. However at Vance the first 2.5 class will still track T-38/T-1. Also fun fact the last T-6 2.0 flight at Vance took place yesterday. To answer the OP, he'll go to Vance or Randolph.
  2. I’m curious as to why they wouldn’t like it either. Only one check ride and they can use spare rides from Trans to use on Form if they need. Maybe they don’t like the early access academics.
  3. It’s not segregation or minority-only, it’s integrating more minorities to more accurately reflect national diversity rates. The only downside is that it’ll push a few white dudes back a few classes. Also it’s a standard UPT class (or 2.5 class if at Vance) so if they wash then there’s no second chance.
  4. They’ll probably live life in the squadron as a minority like they live most of their lives as a minority. I imagine no change, but I’m not a minority so I couldn’t say for certain
  5. Gen. Mills said the rationale essentially is that UPT is tough and requires the class to work together and that when you’re the one minority in a class full of white guys, it may be somewhat more difficult to reach out for help when you need it when the people you reach out to aren’t like you. He worded it a lot better but that is the gist of the idea. He also admitted that it will naturally negatively affect the diversity of future classes but they are looking to see if there is a measurable effect on washout rates for minority students. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to try FWIW
  6. Vance is already doing this with their new 2.5 classes. Studs get early access to academics and knock out several tests before their class actually starts.
  7. This is correct. Most are done with T-6 phase and will have the shortened Toner phase, though no one is sure exactly how short or long it will be. -38's are also getting a reduced syllabus but it doesn't sound like it's been finalized yet. Current Banzai studs have not been winged, but all classes going forward are expected to wing after T-6 phase.
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