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  1. Is it possible? I imagine that quite a few units are bottom heavy with everyone bailing to the airlines as soon as they hit ATP mins. I'm worried about getting enough flying time when I get off seasoning days. I imagine local sorties wouldn't make much sense, but I would love to jump on a deployment since I won't be back from PIQ before my unit heads out. Also, under the new "Total Force Office Training" model, can Guard dudes go fly with a Reserve unit or even AD? Thanks!
  2. Howdy, Married ANG guy here with a baby (both of whom will be going to UPT with me). Finally just got my dates for TFOT, IFT, and UPT. I'm sure I'll have some briefings that deal with this when I'm at drill next month, but I figured I could start getting educated on what kind of pay and entitlements I can expect during different phases of the training pipeline. Currently I'm sworn in / gained as an E3. For example, I should be eligible for BAH while I'm TFOT, correct? Just want to make sure my paperwork is squared away so that I don't have to worry about my mortgage payment while I'm away for 8 weeks. Thanks for any help / resources you can offer!
  3. Finally got my dates! MOTS005 (TFOT) 28 MAR - 24 MAY SV8AS@PUEBLO 19 JUN - 20 JUL UPT@VANCE AFB, OK PV4AJ VH/CLASS 2019015 7 SEP - 1 APR 2019 PV4AG VH 2 APR - 26 SEP 2019 CEREMONIAL GRAD DATE 27 SEPT 2019
  4. I had read about the online course pre-req. Sounds like I'll be able to knock that out during December drill (I hope) while I'm down there for the Christmas party anyway. My squadron commander has been very understanding of the new addition to my family and has encouraged me to stay at home and be a new dad for as long as I can. Would love to get paid to knock out the online course since there's really nothing else I can do during drill weekends anyway. Does anyone know if there are published course start dates available for UPT? I know it likely varies slightly by UPT base, but it seems like most of the guys from our unit end up going to Columbus.
  5. Bingo, that's the perfect link. Looks like it'll be January for me at the earliest. Ughhh... The waiting game is killing me. Thanks!
  6. Yeah for some reason I didn't even factor in FY into my reasoning, which is stupid because I technically hired for FY18. My squadron commander has has told me to prepare for late fall of this year, but I'm interested to see how many class start dates might be available before the end of the year. For example, if I start in November, would they just give us a day or two of leave for Christmas, or would they just push the next class start date until January? Or neither? I've got a 3 month old at home in Atlanta, so the drive isn't bad for baby and mama to come visit, but it would be nice to know if I'll get to spend the first Christmas with the baby. Selfish, I know...
  7. Hello all. I'm a civilian who got hired by a C-130 guard unit. Does anyone know if there is a published list of OTS / COT start dates? I just passed my FC1 and am expecting to have dates assigned in the next couple of weeks, but I'm wondering if I'll start OTS before the end of the year. Also, does anyone know how Christmas / New Year factor into the training cycle? Thanks!
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