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  1. nsplayr is correct. Also correct about MFS-N. Your completed flight physical will state that it is approved pending completion of MFS-N. However, they will do the full MFS exam at WPAFB, not just the -N portion. No one will tell you this and the people conducting each part of the exams do not talk to each other. Asking questions about the big picture about what is going on will not produce any answers, each dept only knows about the specific task they are doing. Stuff that was completed on your flight physical will be repeated. Even though you are going to RPAs you will still be measured for an ejection seat. Bring along an extra dose of patience. They sign your SF 600 so bear with it.
  2. Small world, I did my PPL at Offutt's Aero Club. I'll need to check if I have any of my GI Bil left after finishing grad school. Thanks for the info about the courses, I really appreciate it.
  3. It's been about 3 years since I last flew.
  4. I was originally going to skip Pueblo. Then they changed their minds and now I am going. The reason is because it has been awhile since I last flew. I think IFS is 6 weeks? Also, you mentioned Holloman is 6-8 months. Is Randolph about the same amount of time?
  5. Try this thread, copies of the memos are attached: Apparently revision to AFI 36-2205 is in the works but who knows what it will say.
  6. Alseides

    Seeking Council on My Situation

    Cast a wide net and do lot of leg work researching units and calling Reserve and ANG units. If you can travel there, ask if you can visit during a drill weekend. A good starting point is to call recruiters at the units to ask if they have any upcoming hiring boards. They worst they can say is no. And you don't want to sit there wondering, "What if?" There is a blanket age waiver for RPA pilot applicants right now. You can ask individual units if they are considering age waivers. Depending on their needs and your qualifications, things might work out. Again, the worst they can do is say "No thanks" and you never know until you ask.
  7. I am not sure if this has been posted here before. Searching through the forums, there have been only a few, scattered references in revived threads. I have not seen the memo attached. I found this memo from HQ A3 granting a blanket age waiver for RPA pilot applicants. This particular one is for active duty but I have called around to ANG and Reserve units to see if they are following suit. I have a memo from the NG Bureau stating that they will. Up until recently, individual ANG units were making their own call on it. Units that were doing well in manning and applicants told me they were not. Others that had less personnel were following the AD policy. But the NG Bureau memo seems to resolve that. The Reserve is considering age waivers. This could be an opportunity for those who thought their chances were gone. Appendix E- Blanket RPA Age Waiver_Signed Copy.pdf ANG URT Age Waiver.pdf
  8. The place I work at on base has G-mail blocked along w/ lots of other stuff. Bummer.
  9. Don't forget Tina cyberstalking you and trying to get you to download music and games. And the jerk who steals your phone.
  10. Thanks for the info. I will be headed to the 91st ATKS. I have my PPL and I have been on aircrew but I was not rated in my prior service.
  11. Most contact e-mail addresses I have seen are on .mil domains and list DSN numbers. I was concerned someone might be trying to gather personal data through a false ad. I called around Dyess and found the squadron. This is a real ad alright. No offense was intended. Pays to be careful. Good luck and best wishes to everyone applying.
  12. I am a little puzzled as to why the contact e-mail is a G-Mail account and not a .mil account. Is this common?
  13. I recently got selected for Reserve RPA pilot training. I noticed that the threads with information on what training is like are a little dated. Would anyone be willing to share what their experiences at the courses at Pueblo, Randolph, and Holloman were like? Or has not much changed?
  14. Does anyone have any updated information on how long each phase of the pipeline lasts? How long can students expect to spend at IFS in Colorado, at Randolph, and at Holloman? Also, the names of the courses, except, IFS, seem to keep changing. Anyone have updates to what the course are called now?